Monday, February 27, 2017

Review Shapee: Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hip Wrap Plus+

Shapee: Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hip Wrap Plus+
 It's a wonderful day to get start for the day, I would like to introduce you to two types of Shapee products here. Shapee: Belly Wrap Plus and Hip Wrap Plus, both are selling online at www.theshapeecom. The website is user friendly and easy to browse, you can find more than just shape wear. With Internet access today, we can search and shop online from home and office.

 With many mothers busy working lifestyle, everyone mom wants to have a hour glass figure after having baby. Though I am not having my hour glass figure back yet I am using Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ for indoors and outdoors. Photos taken by me as I want to show you how it looks like I am wearing them. 

This is specially developed for Postpartum Recovery, this is made of the finest elastic material and breathable fabric which allowing you to move freely. It helps support, enhance and tone after natural birth, c-section, or postpartum abdominal surgeries.
 The triple compression designed of Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ supports care abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size sooner.

For breastfeeding mom, this Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ helps improves breastfeeding posture. I can't wait to tell my friend who has born a baby born on December.
Shapee Hip Wrap Plus+
 After having a baby every mom would be worry about if they gonna have wider hips. Shapee Hips Wrap Plus easy to use, it also helps to narrow hips after having baby. The material used are polyester 65% / Elastane 20% / Cotton 20%.

The product is made of soft breathable materials and you can wear it inside or outside. It gives comfort to mom, highly adjustable compression and support.

This supports all sides of the pelvis, pelvic floor, lower abdomen, hips and lower back. You can see below 1st photo which shown the reinforced belt for stronger support.
 Shapee Hip Wrap Plus+ with triple compression, above is an example on how the reinforced belt helps.
 Shapee: Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hip Wrap Plus+ , both need to be hand wash, do not use chorine bleach on them. Do not tumble dry, hang dry in shade. You can also iron at low temperature with protective pressing cloth.

Now you see they are two types of  Shapee: Belly Wrap Plus+ and Hip Wrap Plus+, both have their own benefits.

If you have interest to shop online or know more about the products do check out the Shapee online, click on the link to get start. Besides that you like to know the promotion and updates can check out

*Results depends on individual, not everyone the same.


This coming 25 March, Saturday are you having any plan with your friends or family? If not how about celebrate this day of Earth Hour at Sunway Lagoon.

It's a great time to spend with loved ones, who doesn't want to enjoy the variety of tantalising BBQ buffet spread, from fresh salads to grilled juicy burgers, lambs and seafood skewers.The excitement starts at 7.30pm.

On the cards are live music session, stunning fire poi spinning and sensational themed dance performances under the moonlight and more, all in the presence of an illuminated 16-feet long sand castle. Gonna tell my friends about this as they have not plan on what to do for the night. It's gonna be an unforgetable night for everyone.

The Blackout Beach BBQ comes in a package for a group of four (4) and is priced at RM360.
Tickets can be purchased at

Only limited seats available, so hurry and get your tickets for an unforgettable experience!
For more information, visit or call 603 5639 0000.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disney On Ice Masterclass@Sunway Pyramid Ice

It was a great time I saw the kids having fun with Disney On Ice Masterclass, you can check out the album at my Facebook Fan Page, click on the link to view. This was last Thursday in the evening where children's parents are excited too to see them ice skating and learning the same time.

This was a part of the four days event which kicked off from February 16 to promote Disney On Ice, from two days of masterclass where children enjoy ice skating and received the first hand tips and learning from the professional skaters who are part of the Disney On Ice at Sunway Pyramid Ice. Last weekend was the Meet & Greet sessions with selected Disney Stars!

Children happily received their certificate of participation
 18 adorable children aged from 4 years old to 12 years old took part in the Disney On Ice Masterclass. They are happy and enjoy themselves from the start to the end, do click on my Youtube video above to view. You can also seen more video at my Youtube link 1, link 2, click on the link to view. It is not tough, willing step by step and enjoy every moments of it.

The seven coaches at the Disney on Ice Masterclass, they are cast including Nala, Simba, Jasmine, etc.
Disney on Ice Masterclass, teaching children step by step of having fun.
 Say no more I feel like a kid again, I want to go ice skating too. My eldest son missed ice skating too, he has not skate for few years. He didn't follow me the evening as he's having tuition. But I am glad to share him the video and photos I have taken. Now let's make an unforgettable memories for our kids, how about bring them to watch The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice together.

The show date is on 24 March to 26 March 2017 during Malaysia school holidays.
Show time: 
24 March 7.30pm
25 March 11am , 3pm, 7pm 
26 March 11 am, 3pm. 

Ticket prices: RM328, RM288, RM188, RM148, RM98
*excludes 6% GST & RM3 ticket fee

Venue: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. 
For more detail check out

Disney On Ice, I am sure everyone is excited to see their favourite characters on the ice skating rink.

Feel free to follow my Facebook Fan Page
I have uploaded the video there too, you can view how kids having fun and enjoy themselves.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Reasons for renting a studio

The key for any given place of residence is you need to find something to meet your expectations. For many people who work hard during the day, have stressful jobs, and then still want to go out and have a good time with respect to entertainment, there just isn’t enough time to take care of everything that comes along with owning a home. For those individuals who are simply looking for a place to live with no added stress, a studio is king. These are the reasons you should consider a studio instead of a home purchase for your next home.

Less Stress
When you live in a studio you get the home you want but none of the added stress that comes with being a property owner. You pay not only for the unit itself, but so you can literally avoid the rest of the hassle that a normal homeowner has to deal with. If you have noisy and unruly neighbors as a renter, then you can just tell your landlord and he or she will take care of it for you. What about the recent developments in local crime? As a tenant you don’t have to worry about property values changing because your rent is already set – it’s the landlord who worries about outside problems because he or she owns the unit. What about an increase in proposed property taxes? You aren’t the one who deals with it because you just pay your rent and the owner of the building deals with the rest.

The key to remember is when you are paying to lease a unit, part of your payment is supposed to cover everything that is included with managing the property both from a safety and security point of view but also from a financial point of view. While it might be a bit upsetting to need to pay rent each and every month, a big portion of your payment goes to making sure you don’t have to deal with anything else that comes along with the territory of owning or managing a property.

Flexibility to Move
One big thing about younger people is they aren’t sticking roots into the ground as much as previous generations have. This is a tremendous asset if you are any age and are thinking about the future, because in a global world where there are possibilities everywhere, why would you want to force yourself to live in a specific area if you think you could wind up moving away at some point? Even if you only want to head to another neighborhood in the same city, or if you want to relocate across the world into an entirely different country, if you are a renter then you can go just as soon as your lease term is up. The best part about having flexibility to move is if you are looking for studio for rent with PropertyGuru Malaysia, you can easily see where the best locations are, how much they are going for, and even be able to find out the contact information so you can learn the terms such as how long the leases will be. The major key to studios is the general flexibility that they provide, and if you do a little bit of planning up front then you won’t have to worry about being stuck in an area for long if you want to head elsewhere.

Unexpected Repairs
Unexpected repairs can come out of nowhere. In fact, if you have ever watch a television show where people do any sort of remodeling or renovations you already know how often hidden problems are tucked behind the walls and how often they are actually exposed. The best part about leasing is that if (when) those unexpected problems do rear their ugly heads, you are not on the hook to pay for them. In fact, not paying for those repairs is only the first part of the equation, as once the repairs and updates are made by your landlord, you are the one who gets to enjoy brand new features and appliances and it will be on the dime of your landlord.

Knowing you can truly live in a home that is up to date and up to code is a very nice and secure feeling. However, knowing you will have that same feeling without having to shell out the major dollars to pay for it is an almost unheard of possibility unless you are leasing a studio unit.

Middle of the Night Problems
Every home has problems and that’s just what happens to everyone. However, when you have to deal with a problem at two in the morning, it can be extremely frustrating. If there is a water leak from a busted pipe, you smell gas coming from behind an oven that isn’t on, or your power won’t work, who do you think is going to have to take care of the problem? When you own a home then it is all on you (or the cost will be on you when you call a professional at two in the morning). But, when you are renting the unit, a simple call to your landlord means everything will be taken care of. You will save on the maintenance, supplies, cost of the repairs themselves, and you won’t even have to pay for the possible damages that occur if water did leak into drywall for example.

It’s not just about the actual problems that can come up in the course of owning a home that can make it so hard, it’s the fact that you already have enough on your plate and don’t need any additional responsibility. When you have had hard days of work, have a personal life with personal stresses, and you still need to be back into the office the next day, do you really want to be dealing with emergencies in the middle of the night?

While some people will argue against it for financial reasons, the truth is if you are looking for a no stress, highly flexible lifestyle then you truly can’t go wrong with a studio unit. You pay so someone else takes care of the place and the problems. And, while you are paying money every month, you don’t have to bear any of the responsibility or stress and that’s something you can’t buy.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Which is your favourite POKKA beverage?

Can you guess which is the HERO product of POKKA beverage?
 Good day to everyone, today is a great day and I like to ask which if your favourite POKKA beverage? Last week, I have share with you a simple recipes using the POKKA Honey Lemon, you can click on the link to read about it. 
POKKA beverage with more than 60 varieties of beverage in various packaging are being produced in Singapore and Malaysia. POKKA is believed to be the first beverage manufacturer in Singapore to invest and operate the aseptic PET bottle filling system, which enhances the quality of their products!

Green Tea - the star (Hero) Products under Pokka.
 POKKA beverage has Asian Tea, Western Tea, Coffee, Milk Range and Fruit Juice. 
Brewed from real tea leaves and containing no preservatives or colouring
They are easy to find and purchase, I can easily purchase them from petrol station or 7-11.
It's also available at hypermarkets. 
Premium Cappuccino
 My first time got to know of POKKA when I purchase the drink at 7-11. 
Started with Premium Coffee because I like to drink coffee.
Premium Coffee
 It's up to you that you like to drink it after opening or making some delicious desserts with it. 
The POKKA beverage is great for festive season, you can see that I have this wholesome POKKA for Chinese New Year.
Cookies & Cream Milk
 Thinking of what you can do with POKKA beverage? 
Besides taking it as beverage, you can also make jelly with it. 
I like to eat jelly and I tried the Honey Lemon jelly and I like it.
Melon Milk
Do you remembered the school days where you buy icy stick to eat? 
I share the simple way of making Honely Lemon sour plum icy stick
Click on the link to view.
Honey Lemon
 Since they are wide range of POKKA beverage to choose from, you can find that each and everyone has enjoy their beverage. I like to drink it chilled, how about you?

POKKA beverage: no preservative, no coloring, real brewed, Halal certified 

To get more info do login to or

Monday, February 6, 2017


Happy Chinese New Year to dear friends and family who celebrate Chinese New Year. It's an wholesome of POKKA beverage we are celebrating with this year. Do you know there are wide range of POKKA beverage to choose from? The product range of Asian Tea, Western Tea, Coffee, Milk Range, and Fruit Juice.

Look at the picture below my cute son with POKKA beverage. The beverage in the picture are:
1. Jasmin Green Tea
2. Honey Lemon
3. Premium Coffee
4. Premium Cappuccino
5. Melon Milk
6. Cookies &a Cream Milk
Happy son of mine with some beverage as mentioned above

 Not many people know about this, just to let you know that the star hero product of POKKA beverage is POKAA Green Tea. Suitable for adults and children to drink, it has benefits as following:
  • Protect the arteries
  • Prevents cancer
  • Fights high blood pressure
  • Stimulates the body's immune system
  • Help against ageing
  • Strengthen the mind and body
  • Good for the tea 
 It's no only refreshing to drink the green tea, it has no preservative, no coloring, real brewed, halal certified.
The ready to drink beverage of POKKA suitable for festive season. 
POKKA Green Tea is the star (hero product)
This Chinese New Year, I am going to share with you two simple recipes of using the POKKA HONEY LEMON 1.5ml. 
 Valentine's day is coming soon, wanna know what to make for loved ones? 
It's great idea to make for loved one the cute Mickey Mouse and Heart Shapes jelly. 
It can be for family to eat too. 
Please refer to video on the step by step of making the POKKA HONEY LEMON JELLY. 
*coloring used in the video are safe food coloring*
2 Red color drops and 2 Yellow color drops are used in the process.  
Click on the video below to see how to make POKKA Honey Lemon Jelly

Some preparation of items you need to make the jelly:
  1. POKKA Honey Lemon
  2. One pack of jelly/agar agar yang bermutu
  3. Pot
  4. Bowl, small spoon or scoop
  5. Food coloring red and yellow
  6. Heart shape mould and Micket Mouse shape mould
  7. Refer to the video below for the step by step. 
Left pic: Colored jelly of POKKA Honey Lemon ready to pour in the mould of hearts and mickey mouse.
Children loves to eat jelly and I am sure every parent would be worry of the contains ready made jelly purchase to consume. Now we can have home made jelly of our own, it will be fun bonding time to make together too. With wide range of POKKA beverage you can choose to make jelly with other flavour of POKKA.

Easy to make the POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum, depends on how many icy tubes you like to make. As for me I am just making four icy tubes of Pokka Honey Lemon with sour plum.

1. Four Empty Tubes
2. POKKA Honey Lemon
3. Sour plum
4. Freezer for final step to storage.

How to make icy tube of POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum
1. First to prepare four empty tubes
2. Each tube filled with a sour plum.
3. Pour in 100ml of the POKKA Honey Lemon
4. Tied at the end can refer to video on the process.
5. After complete the steps put the tubes in the freezer for overnight.

Easy to make, can refer to video below for too for steps.
Easy to grab the POKKA beverage at several location namely 7-11, Petrol Stations, and Hypermarkets.
Simple cooling POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum ready to serve for the hot day. It's just nice as yesterday my place has the power cut from 10am to 5pm. Glad to have them ready before it happen.

This icy sticks bring back many childhood memories, do you recalled when the last time you have the icy stick? What are the flavors that you tried that can never forget? 
Icy Sticks of POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum
I like to drink Honey Lemon because it's not only for beauty and for health.
The benefits as following:
* reduce pigmentation and improve immunity for body
* soothing especially for power cut at home or  hot weather in Malaysia
* remedy for throat infections

The POKKA Honey Lemon used is 1.5L. Keep in refrigerated once opened.

POKKA bevearge are no preservative, no coloring, Halal certified

To get more information about POKKA beverage check out their website or

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How many hats does a mum wear?

How many hats does a mum wear? Dutch Lady recognises the multiple roles Malaysian mums play and support her in her motherhood journey

As children grow, their needs change and mothers have to learn to adapt to various roles and improvise according to their little ones’ new milestones. A study revealed that the average mum is a master multi-tasker who carries out the roles of 23 different professions**, ranging from a cleaner, entertainer, chef, accountant and teacher to a chamber maid. She also needs to have the skills of a first-aider, chauffeur and hairdresser.

Understanding motherhood is a continuous learning journey, leading formulated milk powder for children brand, Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ with 5X DHA* recognises Malaysian mothers’ need for support as she learns to adapt to new roles daily.

Let me share you some hats that a mum wear, an artist hat. 
 I'm a mum, I'm a chef too, cooking nutrition food for family.
 I'm a mum, I'm a coach too, be a good role model to our kids
 I'm a mum, I'm a friend too, let them know we are more than a mum.

“From our various consumer studies, society expects a mum to know everything about her child as soon as she becomes a mother. Well, she usually doesn’t. Dutch Lady understands the importance of nutrition and mum’s various roles to ensure the progressive development of a child.  Mum needs a motherhood partner to support her child’s changing nutritional needs and the various roles she play to raise a smart and healthy child,” said Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia.

Ashlee shared her views at the Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak contest winners’ tea party, where winning mums met  Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ brand ambassadors, Scha Alyahya and her daughter Lara Alana over high tea. These mums submitted outstanding pearls of wisdom they use to guide their little ones to emerge as winners.
The Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak campaign underlines how a mother’s role and her guiding styles evolve with her kids. A mother wears many hats to support her child’s nutritional and social needs. She is a chef when the child is hungry, a friend when he is sad, a nurse when he wounds himself falling down, and so on,” continued Ashlee.

“We see ourselves as the ideal partner for Malaysian mums. Like how they adapt to their children’s changing needs, Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan™ with 5X DHA* is formulated to continuously support a child’s changing nutritional needs, from one smart milestone to another,” she added.

As an expert in children’s nutrition, Dutch Lady formulated the 4-Step Nutri Plan™ to address Malaysian children’s nutritional gaps as highlighted in the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS). The programme not only provides tailored nutrition but also packed with 5X DHA* to support a child’s progressive and brain development at every smart milestone.
Scha Alyahya and her daughter
For Scha Alyahya, Dutch Lady’s more than 50 years of expertise in building strong families and children drives her to choose the brand for Lara.

 “As a mother, nothing is more important to me than my child’s wellbeing. I am especially fussy about Lara’s nutritional intake, and I try to keep up with what key nutrients she needs. With Dutch Lady as my partner, I feel much more at ease. Dutch Lady not only provides the tailored nutrition Lara needs at every milestone, its 4-Step Nutri Plan™ for children from 1 to 6+ years old allows me more time and energy to focus on her other developmental needs, rather than worrying about her nutritional intake” said the actress and mum. 

Lara turned two recently, and has become a little explorer. Scha enjoys watching her child discovering and learning something new every day, but she also knows that her role is shifting.

“To evoke her curiosity, I used to point to things around Lara and highlight their names to her like a cikgu. But now, as she actively explores her surrounding, I have to start providing ideas on how Lara can learn even more about the world. That’s when I switch cap to be her buddy explorer!

We discover new plants and flowers in our yard, sometimes bugs too! Other times, I am her  coach, teaching her how to kick a ball or play a game,” said Scha, smiling.
winners of  Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak contest
During the tea party with the winners of  Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak contest, Scha and the mothers swapped parenting tips and funny stories when performing different roles while taking care of their children.

One of the winners, Norafida Baharuddin, is enthusiastic to try out some of Scha’s tips.

“I totally agree with her about the roles we need to learn to adapt to support our children’s changing needs. Sometimes, I too, find it hard to determine at what stage my child is in because every child grows differently and hit milestones at different pace! So I have to figure out what activities to do with him to stimulate his curiosity or interest to explore.

“That is why I’m also a fan of Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™. It helps me figure out my child’s developmental milestones, and it also provides the necessary nutrition to support his healthy growth,” said Norafida.

She also expressed her surprise and appreciation to Dutch Lady for being  selected as a contest winner to meet Scha and Lara over a fun tea party.

“My winning quote was what I always advise my kids -- to dream high that you touch the sky. It’s a form of encouragement to them to aim for the best in whatever they do and work hard to achieve what they have set for themselves. I am more than happy to do my best and play different roles to help my kids achieve their dreams and goals. So it helps that their nutritional needs are taken care of by my motherhood partner, Dutch Lady, and I can support them in other areas,” shared Norafida.

Amidst the chatter and laughter, the winner families also excitedly unboxed the instax camera they got as prizes to take snapshots of the joyful camaraderie. Many of them seized this opportunity to pose with celebrity Scha and Lara with their new cameras.

Stay on top of the ever-changing motherhood journey with Dutch Lady by your side! For more information on how Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan™ with 5X DHA* supports a child’s smart milestones, log on to

*          Compared to previous formulated milk powder for children formulation (Year 2009)
4-Step Nutri Plan includes Dutch Lady® Curious, Explore, Create and Learn formulated milk powder for children.

About Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad
Incorporated in 1963, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) is a leading dairy company in Malaysia. It is owned by one of the largest dairy cooperative companies in the world, Royal FrieslandCampina NV, a Dutch multinational dairy company.

Dutch Lady Malaysia was the first milk company to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1968 and the first to introduce Formulated Milk Powder for Children in Malaysia in 1988. Dutch Lady Malaysia, awarded as the Company of the Year 2014 by The Edge Billion Ringgit Club, manufactures and sells a wide range of quality dairy products for the home and export market, with all products enjoying a strong following in brands like Dutch Lady and Friso Gold. 

Through a unique collaboration between FrieslandCampina and four international research teams/universities, the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS) study was commissioned to study the nutritional status and insufficiency thereof found to be present in South East Asian children up to 12 years old.

About Royal FrieslandCampina
Every day, Royal FrieslandCampina provides millions of consumers all over the world with food that is rich in valuable nutrients. With annual revenue of 11.4 billion euros, Royal FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s five largest dairy companies, supplying consumer and professional products, as well as ingredients and half-finished products to the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector around the world. Royal FrieslandCampina has offices in 28 countries and almost 22,000 employees, and its products are available in more than 100 countries. The Company is fully owned by Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A, with 19,244 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium—making it one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives.

For more information please visit:

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