Sunday, January 27, 2019


It's Sunday and it's funday for the kids as they get bonding with family, yeah it's time to go Disney And The Roadster Racers Super-Charged at Kiddomo Universe at Starling Mall. We loved Disney and it's children like Donald Ducky, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and many more.

Experience it all at the Kiddomo Children's Innovation Centre, yeah you can bring your children along from 21 January to 28 February 2019 for this Disney And The Roadster Racers Super-Charged. I have friends with plan to going back home town during school holidays for Chinese New Year. But not everyone is out of town yet so there's place that parents can bring children for this fun personalize learning experience through fun immersive play.

Besides daily busy lifestyle as everyone has got one I believe, it's good to have a break together. We have a good time with kids and they do enjoyed themselves.

Check out the video as my kids having a good time, they also found their car comes to live!  Disney And The Roadster Racers Super-Charged is so much fun.

 It's fun Disney And The Roadster Racers Super-Charge, first just select the character that you find on tables yeah they're many choices but my sons prefer the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Be creative and you can color it with the crayon that are available there. Then there's a machine that you can place the colored character, my kids didn't know how as we are first time here. No worry as the staff are friendly and they assist them. Stay put at the big screen area as you can find your creation and yes you see it comes alive! Kids have good creative imagination on how they want their racer car to be colored. Do not draw outside the frame, do it slow it you want as it's good to give them learn be patience in coloring.

Do you want to take a guess who chosen the Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse? 

Both sons' creation as they even put their signature on it. It's pretty awesome I like the turnout of it. 

Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse

Don't just read here, you can click on the video below to see how fun it was and there's super charged racers.

 We also attended the handmade craft workshop it was at 1.30pm and ended at 2.30pm. It's step by step of learning and there no hurry doing it. Children given chances to raise hand to name the color and even goes to the board to write spell out the colors being used.
Handmade Chinese New Year craft
Indeed a fun family time on this Sunday, if you are thinking where to bring children for this coming school holidays. This is where you can let kids to play and learn the same time, it's an indoor playland.

What's better way then spending the weekend then enjoy with kids at the Kiddomo Universe. The centre is made for children aged 2 to 15 years old. combines traditional play space with the latest interactive technology - creating a personalized learning experiemxe through fun immersive play.

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