Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney's Channel School's Out Invades Sunway Pyramid

Good morning folks, school holiday has started, have you plan anything fun with your children? 
Disney's Channel School's Out in Sunway Pyramid, where you can catch your favourite charaters from Disney's Pixar classics this June School Holidays!
Come join in the fun and celebrate Disney's Pixar favourite Monster University, Cars, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. 

Look at my kids you'll know my toddler is a fan of Monster's University, my big boy too. They also like Cars, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo.

Watch the concourse turn into a full blown playground for kids as they get to run in a maze, race a remote control car through obstacles, arts and crafts with Buzz Lightyear, and scream their lungs out in a scream room. 

Families can expect a fun-filled time with four different games and challenges. In line with the mall's effort for Child Safe Shopping, shoppers redeeming goodies bags will also receive a Child Safe Shopping booklet!

It was a fun session for my sons and me in the maze, bonding time too, we were given time to find letters of NEMO 

At the end after finding the words successfully, my boys are given these Mickey Mouse to put on.

It was fun time for my boys as they take turn to play the remote control of race car.
Don't forget that after each session finished, you'll need to get your Safety Rangers passports chop with stamp.

My boys enjoy themselve in the Disney's Channel School's Out just looking at the pictures you can tell how happy they are.

It's fun family time where we can get the opportunity to take photos with Disney's Pixar characters. 

My sons have a good time in the scream room, they get to scare their lungs out in the room as they know they are not allow to do so in the house. 

 My sons also received the Student Card of Monster's University, each of them have their photo taken on spot.

These activities are suitable for children below 12 years old as they can have an amazing time fun yet educational concourse for children and parents alike.

Disney's Channel School's Out event is free to join, this event will continue until 14 June 2015 at Sunway Pyramid. 

If you like to receive a Safety Rangers Passport from Sunway Pyramid, all you need to do is spend RM50 in a single receipt* (any amount for HSBC Credit Cardholders) to qualify.

With the Safety Rangers passport. The goal is to collect stamps as your child participates in the games. Just look at above which my sons have collected the 4 stamps from the four games they participated.

Once all four stamps are earned, your child will receive a Safety Rangers goodie bag (including colour pencils, shopping/dining voucher and child safe shopping booklet)!.

Get start planning this June school holiday make it a fun educational with your children.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweet start with a kiwi

Good morning to all, it's Friday morning, what's your plan for this weekend? I am going to stock up more Zespri kiwi fruit. 

I take one Zespri SunGold kiwi every morning, it's delicious and love the sweetness of this fruit.

It has 10 times the nutrition of apples and 3 times the vitamin C of oranges.

This power-packed fruit is also beneficial for health conditions such as diabetes, as it has a low glycaemic index (GI) (a measurement carried out on foods and their impact on our blood sugar).

My mom is a diabetes, I always encourage her to eat kiwi. 

The renowned for its mellow yellow flesh and luscious tropical-sweet flavour makes it the perfect summertime refreshment. 

Zespri Kiwifruit also contributes to good digestive health by:
  • High Vitamin C  - a unique enzyme that helps improve digestion and relives bloating from a heavy meal.
  • Contains Actinidin - a unique enzyme that helps to improve digestion and relives bloating from a heavy meal.
  • Has potassium that is essential for cell, tissues and organ functions.
  • Rich in potassium that is essential for cells, tissues and organ functions.
  • Deliciously juicy, refreshingly sweet. 

Have you redeemed your nutrients collected in the Zespri “My Daily Wake Up Moment with a Kiwi” online game? The concourse roadshow will be at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing Center Court) until 31 May!
Dates: 26 to 31 May 2015
Venue: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing Center Court)
Time: 10am to 10pm

Penang fans! Are you a CIMB credit card holder? Join them at their exclusive Zespri booth to sample and purchase their juicy Zespri SunGold Kiwifruits!
Dates: 29 to 31 May 2015
Venue: Straits Quay Convention Centre
Time: 10am –9pm
This morning, I had half boiled eggs with Zespri SunGold Kiwi, how about you?

For more info on Zespri Kiwi please visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Infant Language Development Tips

We all want our little ones to talk and talk faster and better than other kids. Usually, an infant starts talking after nine months. However, if you want them to talk faster and better at an early age, start training them at an early stage. So, as soon as your little one is six months old or so, start interacting with them in a way to help them develop their language tips.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you develop your infant’s language skills.

Talk to them
Talk to them when they babble, don’t just giggle and record it. When your little one babbles, talk to them and respond, but make sure that you give them time to talk. Don’t start responding as soon as they start babbling.

Another important point is that we often talk to the infants in a kiddish tone, but one should talk to them as they would talk to their friend. Don’t act differently in front of them.

Also, if you are working on something, talk to them and show them what you are working on. However, one should maintain safe distance so that the little angel does not spoil it.

Baby sign languages
Learn sign language and let your little ones interact with you in sign language. This is easier for them, and you will even love it when, for example, your child says I love you in sign language.

So, learn sign language and create special memories that will be cherished for years.

Planning to buy a good for the same? Visit and get exclusive discounts on such books. Also, you can use coupon codes. 10% Off Coupon codes for are available at various coupon sites.

You should have a couple of songs for your baby. From lullabies to rock, choose songs that your kids love and let them dance to it. Infants can do their special dance and along with it they shout and try to sing along too. So, you should sing songs they can relate to and let them try to sing the same.

If you can, buy a musical handheld microphone so that your little one can play with it and feel the music to by pressing the buttons on the kids’ version of the microphone.

You can buy it at deals in a variety of products, and you can get exclusive discounts on the same too. Yes, coupons are even available for you. Make the most of it.
Bonus tip: Your singing can even help your little one calm down. Have a song in your mind that calms your little one and sing it whenever he/she is cranky.

Parts of the body

Let them know their parts of the body a number of times and soon your baby will know them all. Later on, you will have just to speak the part, and your baby will start relating to it.
In this case, it is important to touch the baby’s body part while saying it out. For example, if you say nose, make sure that you even touch it so that your little one will understand and accordingly relate to it.

Point it out

Pointing out is important in every case. For example if you say radio, point out to the radio. Pointing out helps the baby to connect and it helps them understand that the thing you are pointing out to is a radio. So, make sure when you interact with them, point out at things so that they can register it in their mind.

Pointing out is extremely effective with toys. There are specific toys your little one will love to play with. Make a note of it and speak out the toy’s name while pointing at it.
So, the next time you say that toy’s name, your kid will relate to the toy and will start looking at it. If the toy is far away, he/ she might point at it and then look at you to let you know that they remember the toy’s name.

You can use this tip in many ways inside and outside your home to help your little one speak faster and better.

Tell tales

If you have read kiddish story books, you might know that the aim behind these stories is to entertain kids. In some of the cases, the stories are quite weird, but they present it in a way that the kids start believing it and love it too.

Similarly, you should tell make-believe tales to them and delight your child.

However, if you are not good with it, you can buy story books that are available online at and read it out to your little ones.

Little story books with pictures will help your infant connect with the story. Point pictures to them and then link it to the words while you say it. I am not saying that your baby will instantly start saying it out, but it will help your baby create a link between the two as you say the word. Kids love bright colors and pictures. So, this is one of the best options for you to help your little one interact with the story.

Before buying it, look for available store deals and discounts. Also, choose coupon codes that can help you get additional discounts on the same.


There are a number of activities that can help your child speak. Look for some of the activities and let them learn it on their own. For example, the audio book that speaks out the word as soon as your little one touches it. This is definitely a good option, but one should now consider this to be an alternative to a parent’s presence. Make sure that when your kid is playing with it, you are around.

Concluding, these tips should help mommies, especially new mommies to communicate and help their little ones speak faster and better.

Have a tip to share? Post them in the comments.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Launch of HAIR PRO by Watsons Heat Active

Lovely models in Japanese costume, next with me is lovely blogger friend. 

Watsons Malaysia introduced the all-new hair care products that formulated with a Heat Active Technology, Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active range at Number76 Hair Saloon, Mid Valley.

Co-developed with Moltobene, one of the largest Japanese salon product manufacturer with 38 years of history, Hair Pro Heat Active range is designed for hair that’s subjected to heat – those who use hairdryer, curling and straightening irons. The products are formulated with a Heat Active Technology that is infused with NanoRepairTM-EL (made up of El-lactone and plant sterol). When activated with heat, the NanoRepairTM-EL penetrates deep into each hair strand to provide damage-care from within.

This means that, instead of damaging your hair, the heat from these devices work with Hair Pro products to deliver goodness to your hair. Reacting and combining with the amines decomposed from protein, NanoRepairTM-EL stays in the hair core after binding, so hair remains glossy and elastic even after repeated hair washes and blowouts.

Besides that, Hair Pro products are also enhanced with a non-silicone formula to promote effective absorption of oxygen for the scalp. And silicone-based hair products have been known for causing problems of hair loss and hair itchy scalps.

The Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active series offers a range of shampoo, treatment, hair mask and hair serum to solve the most important hair related problems.

Above Cathryn Lee- Movie actress/model with the Japanese hairstylist, Takeshi Odera demonstrates on how to use Hair Pro products.

Speaking at the launch event, Watsons Celebrity Friends, Cathryn Lee – Movie actress/model, testified her experiences with the new products which styled by the stylist. Cathryn is always seen with her long healthy and hair both on screen and behind scene. She highly recommend Hair Pro products for those who are enjoy with the hair salon treatment at home with very affordable price, meantime it’s effective in combating hair problems and the ability of the products as confidence ‘booster’ to look great always.

The Japanese hairstylist, Takeshi Odera makes a special appearance during the product launch and demonstrates how customers can use Hair Pro products to repair their damages hairs after frequently used on hair blow, straightening irons and curling.

Takeshi Odera mentioned that the difference between a hair mask and a hair conditioner is that similar to a facial mask, hair mask provides more nutrients targeted at the needs of your hair (e.g. repair damage, strengthen hair) while a hair conditioner generally helps to add moisture after shampooing, making your hair smoother and shinier.

Takeshi Odera, personally loves the shampoo as it produces plenty of foams and bubbles! Even only after apply shampoo for hair wash before proceed to use on treatment shampoo, the hair feel smooth. The hair mask gives an immediate result too for repair the damage hair. Overall he loves these products as it’s free from paraben and other chemical ingredients which no harmful hair scalp.

The few unique selling point for Hair Pro :
* Formulated with NanoRepairTM-EL which can penetrate into each hair strand to help improve elasticity, smoothness, suppleness and shine.
* Free from Parabens, Mineral oils, Silicones, UV Absorbers, Artificial Colourants and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate.
* Certified Natural Organic Hybrid Rice Extract and Green Tea Extract from Japan to give your hair moisture and softness.
* Professional quality products provides you with intensive and nourishing salon hair treatment effects.

The Product Development Senior Manager of Own Label in Watsons Malaysia, Ms. Penny Chin Wee Chin

The Product Development Senior Manager of Own Label in Watsons Malaysia, Ms. Penny Chin Wee Chin, said, “We are excited and proud to bring the Hair Pro range into the Malaysian
market. It will be a great sight to see smiles on the faces of our customers, when they are able to realize the salon-quality hair that they always wanted without bursting their budget. With the immediate visible result after tested on various new users at affordable prices, we are confident this will be our next hot selling product in Watsons stores.”

Takeshi Odera is also the dedicated stylist for a number of satisfied customers and celebrities. In Kuala Lumpur, Takeshi Odera is the Director Hairstylist for “Number76 Hair Salon”, which has five branches in Malaysia.

Launching the product were Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager of Trading and Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia Head of Marketing. They joined Cathryn Lee & Takeshi Odera on stage to unveil the latest Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active range.

Available exclusively at Watsons, Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active range uses an advanced technology from Japan that harnesses heat energy from blow drying and heat styling to active NanoRepairTM-EL, an ingredient that delivers restorative and protective benefits to your hair.

Nourish your damage hair today with four fantastic products:

Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active Shampoo (Daily use) 520ml (RM39.90)
Hair Pro Shampoo features a gentle formulation that provides through daily cleansing of hair and scalp with gentle, subtle lather.

Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active Treatment (Daily use) 520ml (RM39.90)
Going beyond ordinary conditioners, Hair Pro Treatment comprehensively restores and repairs for smooth, silky and moisturized healthy hair.

Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active Hair Mask (Special Use) 200ml (RM 42.90)
Performing intensive repair of damage to restore full hair body and richness, Hair Pro Mask is applied after showering and before using a hair dryer or curler. Recommend to use twice a week.

Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active Hair Serum (Daily Use) 100ml (RM 42.90)
Designed to revitalize hair and restore moisture with a non-rinse formulation, Hair Pro Serum can be applied in the evening for overnight hair restoration and great styling the next morning.

Hair Pro by Watsons Heat Active is NOW available at Watsons exclusively!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Watsons Move Your Body Zumba

I attended the official launched of Watsons Move Your Body Zumba!

Watsons Malaysia initiated its biggest fitness campaign to-date, entitle 'Move Your Body - Zumba', a follow up to last year's phenomenal success of its first edition of 'Move Your Body'.

 Watsons Malaysia is launching its second edition of edition of 'Move Your Body' campaign this year with bigger and better programmes for the community. This year, Watsons has chosen Zumba as it is packed with fun fusion of dance moves that provides a total body workout, burns huge calories, boosts metabolism and improves cardiovascular health. It is a workout for all ages and is a great activity to release stress. In fact, Zumba today is the largest growing art form for the health in the world!

 More than 10,000 people expected to join Watsons 'Move Your Body' in Padang Kota Lama Penang on 7 June 2015 (Sunday) in an attempt to break the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest participation in a Zumba event.

Among the major activities/promotions held from 30 April 2015 to 7 June 2015 are:

  1. 'Move Your Body - Zumba' music video with My FM popular announcers Jack Lim and Jeff Chin, which includes Zumba dance tutorial by Zumba Fitness instructor Deno Au
  2. microsite has been set up that showcases
  • Popular Zumba songs including Watsons Move Your Body
  • Health and fitness regimes by popular My FM announcers and Zumba Fitness instructors
  • Health and fitness tips that caters to the wellbeing of different body parts
  • Insta-video contest whereby contestants can submit their health and fitness regime to win exciting prizes and 'Move Your Body- Zumba' event tickets
  • Exciting merchandises
3. 'Move Your Body - Zumba' Rewards Pack with additional discounts and freebies would be given in stores at all Watsons nationwide, with RM80 purchase

4. My FM radio cruisers would be teaching the public the 'Move Your Body - Zumba' moves

Check out short insta video 1, video 2, and video 3
Being the leader in the health and beauty retail industry, Watsons Malaysia is known to be the champion in spearheading innovative campaigns. The brand promises states Look Good, Feel Great, they believe there is beauty in getting fit and hence healthy. 

Jack Lim (My FM), Danny Hoh Jeff Chin (head of marketing), Caryn Loh (General Manager of Trading), Deno Au (representative from Zumba Fitness) and Jeff Chin (My FM)

 To kick start the campaign, Watsons Malaysia is working in partnership with My FM and Zumba Fitness to raise awareness of the campaign by producing the 'Move Your Body - Zumba' music video with tutorial featuring Jack Lim and Jeff Chin, and other popular My FM announcers. The music video was unveiled during the launch. This music video can be viewed in Watsons Malaysia YouTube channel, Watsons Malaysia Facebook, and also

If you want to catch Jack Lim and Jeff Chin the My FM announcers, don't forget to purchase 'Move Your Body- Zumba' grand finale tickets at only RM35 each (RM30 if purchase 3 and above) at all Watsons Northern stores in Penang, Perak, Perlis, and Kedah, and selected Klang Valley stores.

You can also purchase the tickets at and
Tickets will be available for sale from 30 April 2015 to 7 June 2015.
Each ticket comes with an exclusive Move Your Body t-shirt , RM10 Watsons cash vouchers and coupon for lucky draw and also to redeem goodies bag on the event day.

'Move Your Body- Zumba' campaign is launched in collaboration with My FM and Zumba Fitness,
with special participating brands such as Alcon, Appeton, Bausch & Lomb, Blackmores, Brands, Bye Bye Fever, Centa, Cetaphil, Ebene, Essentiale, Flavettes, Gaviscon, Horleys, Kinohmitsu, Korde's, Naturalle, Pharmaton, Redoxon, Salonpas, Sanctband, Scholl, Scott's Timo, Total Image and Watsons Brand.

Fore more information about 'Move Your Body - Zumba' campaign, please visit, or Watsons official website 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wrap sausage with tomato sauce and cheese

This is simple recipe for you to try out.
1 piece of mission wrap
Prego tomato sauce

Simple meal for my toddler as he loves sausage, we decided to try out something new. 
It's wrap sausage with tomato sauce and cheese.
We put this under the hot pan for 10 minutes.

You can try this at home if you want to try wrap sausage with tomato sauce and cheese.

You can also try these recipe, peanut butter banana wraps

click on the link to find out. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Peanut Butter Banana Wraps

Do you want to know a quick meal for breakfast? 
Breakfast is king and this is easy to make at home.
You need a piece of mission wrap, you can see it's Potato written on the mission wraps.
Butter and Peanut butter spread on the wrap, then slice the banana to put on.
Microwave each wrap for 20 to 30 second. 
Since my dear bought the bananas, I saw it's ripe so better don't it them be a waste, make a healthy meal for everyone in the family. 

Give it a try and let me know if you like it or not.
Peanut butter have two types, crunchy or soft peanut butter. 
I prefer the crunchy of peanut butter as I like to chew. 
How about you?

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