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RMHC Charity Golf Tournament raises RM440,000 for construction of Ronald McDonald House at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

Additional pledges in cash and in kind from business partners and public will go towards realising funding target of RM4 million

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, I am mom of two boys and I am glad I took time off to attend this meaningful event. Ronald McDonald House Charities’ (RMHC) Charity Golf Tournament has successfully raised RM440,000 for the construction of the new Ronald McDonald House at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Hospital USM) in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. The annual golf tournament which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year received overwhelming support with many donating generously to ensure that RMHC’s vision of championing children health, education and welfare continues to be realised.   
(From Left to Right) – Associate Professor Dr. Ariffin Nasir, USM Lecturer and Hospital USM Paediatric Department Specialist; Professor Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Sukari Halim, Hospital USM Director and USM Health Campus Director; Mr Mohd Nasri Mohd Nordin, RMHC General Manager; and Mr Azahari Abd Taharim, RMH-PPUKM Chairman during the media briefing session on the 2nd Ronald McDonald House, held in conjunction with RMHC Charity Golf Tournament 2018.

I didn't know of the first Ronald McDonald House until I attended this event. The first Ronald McDonald House was built at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre nearly 20 years ago and continues to serve the needs of families from the low-income group. Meanwhile, the second Ronald McDonald House which will be at Hospital USM is scheduled to be completed and ready to welcome families during the first quarter of 2019. The families are already expressing their eagerness at having affordable accommodation spaces while their children seek long-term treatment at Hospital USM. It's good to be able to keep the families close together as children will missed their parents while they are having their long-term treatment.

No parents want to stay away to their children while they are sick. It's important if can keeping families close. Ronald McDonald House which will be at Hospital USM will benefits the needy. Parent's don't have to travel from far and can stay close to their children who are seeking long-term treatment at Hospital USM. 

Profesor Dato' Dr. Ahmad Sukari Halim, Hospital USM Director & USM Health Campus Director, said that the new Ronald McDonald House would be extremely beneficial because many families who have ill children seeking treatment at the hospital are from low-income groups.

Paediatric patients who undergo treatment in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM) and their families shared their stories during the media briefing session. (From Left to Right) – Amir Faisal Zainal Abidin (patient since 2004) with his father Zainal Abidin Ahmad and mother Noor Azah Abdul Aziz. Also present Mimi Faizah Lee Abdullah, mother to Jasmine Lee (patient since 2005) and grandmother to Agnes How (patient since 2013).

“As much as possible, we want these families to stay close together as the treatment process can be long and stressful. Some families have to travel from faraway locations which could sometimes take up to two hours. With the soon to be completed Ronald McDonald house at Hospital USM providing affordable accommodation for the family, the parents’ primary focus can be channelled towards supporting their child’s treatment and recovery at the hospital,” he said.

The new Ronald McDonald House will benefit the needy, just watch the video above to give you more understand. Young patients who seek treatment at the Hospital and parent watching over them. Parents are not allow to sleep on patient's bed whether the patients are in bed or out of bed, with this home build parent can stay close with their children and have a better rest while taking care of them.

The new Ronald McDonald House will serve as an affordable and comfortable accommodation space for family members of children seeking long-term medical treatment at Hospital USM or other local hospitals nearby. More significantly, the new Ronald McDonald House is also expected to benefit those travelling from other states nationwide, since only a nominal fee is charged for families to utilise facilities like comfortable bedrooms, dining area, play area, kitchen, laundry area and many more. That's great as we can keep the family together and close to each other especially to their loved ones who are seeking for treatment. This also help the families to help each other support in emotion and psychology. Treatment is not one time off, it's not cheap if stay at hotel, some patients need consistent visiting the hospital for their treatments. The new Ronald McDonald House help families to lessen their burden financially.

Puan Mimi Faizah Lee Abdullah has been staying at the first Ronald McDonald House which is in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre since 2005. According to her, the benefit of having an affordable accommodation is immeasurable especially when her daughter and grand-daughter undergo cancer treatment at the hospital.

Group photos during the media briefing session on the 2nd Ronald McDonald House.

“It can be a painful and terrifying process for a young child seeking treatment, so for us to be close by their side is comforting for them and also parents staying at Ronald McDonald House can help each other to cope emotionally,” said Mimi Faizah.  

We can give a helping hand by donating to RHMC donation boxes, as every sen counts. Thinking of doing good deeds and helping others who are having difficult in their lifestyle. Members of the public and McDonald’s customers can also play their part in this ongoing initiative by dropping their donation into the RMHC donation boxes at all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. In addition, donations can be made via direct bank transfers or online donations via PayPal. For more details visit

Artist impression of the 2nd Ronald McDonald House in Hospital USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to be completed in early 2019.

Don't just read here, if you like to know more about the RMHC and Ronald McDonald House, please visit

About RMHC Malaysia
Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia was established in February 1990 as a non-profit organization with the mission to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of under-privileged children in Malaysia. In the last 28 years, RMHC Malaysia has positively impacted more than 20,000 children’s lives in the areas of Health, Education and Welfare with funding in excess of RM 20 million.

Other RMHC initiatives that will be carried out this year include the Back-to-School programme where up to 20,000 students from urban low-income families will be given new school supplies for the 2019 school session; the Gift of Smile programme that sponsors children to undergo cleft lip surgeries; and the building of more Ronald McDonald Sensory Rooms that will benefit special needs children.


  1. This is indeed a very thoughtful of McDonalds company. This can really help those who desperately needing this kind of help. I hope more and more company would take up and help those who needed

  2. Bagus ada event untuk kutip dana dan lakukan amal bakti pada mereka yang kurang berkemampuan. Berkongsi rezeki yang ada untuk keberkatan

  3. it is true that having to undergo treatment for young children can be a scary and terrifying process. iam sure that every child going through this ordeal would want their parents close by. with the RMHC, parents finally get a chance to be close to their children and support them in times of need.

  4. Tahniah RMHC untuk pembukaan cawangan Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Hospital USM) in Kubang Kerian. Bagus Ronald McDonald House sebab dapat membantu keluarga yang kurang berkemampuan untuk berulang alik dari rumah ke hospital dengan adanya Ronald McDonald House ni.

  5. wow! this is such a good cause! the artist impression shows that it's gonna be very nice.. lets all help!

  6. main golf sambil beramal untuk orang yang memerlukan. Cuma pastikan bantuan sampai pada penerimanya. Kadang kadang publisiti saja lebih

  7. This is a really great cause, having charity to help children and supporting their treatments. There are many people who still couldn't afford medical aid or treatments in this country. I hope in the future there will be more companies and organizations that will help children and those in need in the future.

  8. Thumbs up McD's management! This is a good even, am sure some 1positive vibes went to others ppl too! HOpefully more companies take this event as their inspiration to do the same thing

  9. Baguslah ada pihak yang mengambil berat dan mahu berbuat amal seerti ini. Semoga pembinaan RMDH ni dapat dilaksanakan dengan baik

  10. inisiatif yg sgt bagus. membantu yg susah. ambil berat.
    mcD memang terbaik lah...
    bagi yg kurang pendapatan, ini la tempat nyer. terutama kanak-kanak.
    diorang patut dpt layanan & rawatan yg terbaik.
    takde inisiatif begini, camne la diorang nak peroleh semua tu, kan...

  11. Bagus ada inisiatif mcm ni. Sebagai salah satu tanggungjawab sosial agensi dalam membantu masyarakat yang memerlukan

  12. Memang bagus dia adakan program amal macam ni. Sekurang2nya mereka yang kurang berkemampuan terbela, tapi harap bukan sekadar untuk punlisiti sahaja..lps tu senyap

  13. Wow it's good that a lot of funds can be collected for children an effort that must be continued and extended to other private bodies to help those in need do not want the government because the government also wants the people's help also ehhhhhh

  14. Ramai yang bercerita tentang kelebihan rumah ni. Dibuka untuk waris pesakit kan. Senang la macam tu kan. Mereka disediakan penginapan.

  15. Good for RMDH untuk bantu org2 hang tidak berkemampuan dan mengurangkan beban keluarga mereka.. my first time know about this RMDH

  16. This is such a good effort in helping those in needs. I wish there are more of Ronald Mcdonald house out there

  17. Beri kembali kepada komuniti adalah perkara yang bagus untuk sesbuah bisnes. lagipun dapat lari cukai kan. sebab corporate social responsibility programe

  18. Good effort by RMDH! Thank you for the contributions to the needy community 👍👍👍

  19. Such a good effort.. i just get to know about it.. well done RMHC!! Hope it will continue better n better.

  20. Good Job McDonalds! Tahniah RMHC untuk pembukaan cawangan Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Hospital USM) in Kubang Kerian. Jom kita sama2 turut menyumbang


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