Thursday, December 26, 2013

Short Intro to the Home Aquarium—Just the Basics

Advances in technology and lower-priced equipment have helped make home aquariums more popular than ever. For everyone who is considering a home aquarium but who wouldn’t know a protein skimmer from a protein shake-this short article is designed for you. We’ll look briefly at what you must know about keeping marine life at home, for example the basic equipment required.

Prior To Getting Started

Keeping marine life in your own home needn’t be daunting and it may certainly be fun, but it is a significant obligation too. Marine lives are at stake, and they must be respected. As long as this really is clearly understood, it’s full speed ahead.

Fish Only or Reef Aquariums

Now, let’s talk aquariums. There are 2 basic types of aquariums, fish only and reef. For the most part, fish-only aquariums are easier to maintain as corals require more attention and they are more sensitive to poor water quality.

Basic Equipment

Now we arrive at the part everybody wants to talk about: the equipment list. For either a fish only or reef set-up, the list is basically the identical. You will need: an aquarium, protein skimmer,heating and lighting, powerheads for circulation, and some form of filtration. You may also need a calcium reactor or UV sterilizer depending on the things you have within your aquarium.

Methods for Getting Started

It will always be better to obtain a larger protein skimmer than you think you need (for the actual size of the aquarium) because some forms of marine life are definitely more demanding as opposed to others. For example, a skimmer rated for a 100-gallon tank is barely adequate for a 50-gallon tank. Before continuing further, it is also a smart idea to partially fill the new tank with water and run your pumps to test for leaks. It is also wise to permit the water “rest” for a day to allow the salt level to settle down. In case you have never kept an aquarium before, this is a very good idea to talk at length along with your local aquarium equipment store professional regarding the ins and outs of starting an aquarium and keeping fish. There is a lot to learn however it is worth the investment in equipment and time. Just ask anybody who already keeps fish and they will agree.

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  1. Always admire homes with aquariums. I read an article which mentioned that watching fish swimming in an aquarium is a great way to de-stress....

    1. always nice to know some of my friends picking new fishes for their aquariums.

  2. Those fish aquariums looks really pretty :D

    1. yeah nice for the fishes to swim around.

    2. Ya and it looks like the fishes are really in the sea right?? So pretty to look at :D


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