Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion Contest for World Diabetes Day

Son waiting in line for his turn for the Fashion Contest.
It was last month, my son first time to participate in Fashion Contest for World Diabetes Day. It was fun though he didn't win. Mommy Kylie and Jane were there with her children too. Both their children won a Prize from the Children fashion show. The theme was wearing blue on the day!

On the day, they learned to walk for fashion.

So yeah we get to see many Superboy and Supergal. :D

Oh yes there's very pretty mermaid too, I don't have picture with me as it's on my dear's phone.

Mommy Kylie if you are reading this post, can you spot your children? :D


  1. Interesting post. It is good that children are exposed for some fashion walk :)

  2. yeah the day so happy Superboy and Supergal.


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