Sunday, September 30, 2012

October and giveaway

Hi everyone, I am busy today as I have plan with my son. We are hoping to catch a movie today if there's time. The movie we have interest to watch is Hotel Translyvania. Today is going to be mother and son day out.

Oh don't forget my giveaway at other blog, just click the image to take part! One lucky winner wins the above giveaway consist of skin care kit and handmade cell phone charm plus Mickey Mouse badge!

It is wonderful having giveaway to appreciate my followers. I haven't got the time to check the entries of giveaway on this blog, so keep the entries coming yeah!

It is going to be busy month for me, hoping this month able to purchase school uniform for my son. He's entering Primay One next year, will be challenging for him. One of his classmates backout from the school because she has no interest in Chinese language, you know it is difficult to learn the strokes. Education never stop even we are getting old we are still learning.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost weight the healthy way

I must say that I haven't wear my hot pants for a while, yeah I am wearing them now. Some friends notice I have gained weight because I didn't go for a walk for a month. I don't wear the hot pants if I have PMS.

Talking of lost weight the healthy way, I know every gal loves to have beautiful body who doesn't like? We need to eat and not just on diet all the time, I believe losing weight the best way is eat right and exercise! I love going for walk, I sweat more than just staying at home.

Outdoor activities is fun and healthy, choose the right activity to do it with friends and family. Last night we have fun activity outdoor, it is at night we went for the Tanglung Festival. I know there is festival at Sunway Pyramid because it is late and we didn't go there.

We are so happy to grab the free Tanglung and I have got the pink colour tanglung, son got the orange tanglung and baby got the green tanglung. Only sister-in-law and me gone for the walk at night baby and son take care by dear. During the walk at night with tanglung in hand, we have got Police car escort front and back to keep everyone's in safe hand. After the walk we collect the water bottle to drink, mini moon cake and peanuts to eat.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Possession movie passes

Do you know any blogger friend? I have know a blogger friend, she is good and always invite me to attend event and workshop. It is wonderful having friend like her, I have decided to give her the passes of The Posession which I received two days ago, last night I went Post Office to put the passes in the Pos Express. The post office is closed but mail boxes available outside the office.

This is a horror movie, it is based on a true story! Have you seen it? I am fan of horror movie, but sometimes the cinema too far I am unable to go watch. Just like the movie Mak Nae I won the passes but so sad the mall, I am not familar even my dear not sure of it decided to lose the chance to watch it.

I hope the passes reach my friend in time to watch it! I check the time table of the movie and mostly late show!

Alright almost time up to fetch my boy! Have a good TGIF everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clay workshop last month!

I am so happy that last month I have fun with my son, we have gone for clay workshop together. Can you guess which of the animal he made during the workshop? These are the polymer clay, after finished making need to put them in oven to bake!

He can chooses two animal to make for the two hours workshop. I purchased the vouchers online and went to the workshop with him.
He's fan of Angry Bird and he's choose to make the green pig with hat and black angry bird.

It is a fun workshop, saw many moms having fun to make the animal with their kids. This workshop not only for kids but for adults too, there are classes for adults!
Can you guess what I made for in the workshop?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What every gal want 1st Giveaway!

This giveaway is fun because you get to win two mini skin care set, win it for yourself or your loved ones! There is a Mickey Mouse badge and two cell phone charms! Look at the cell phone charms it is like best friend forever cell phone charm, can give one to your best friend. You could share the goodies you won with your loved ones.

The cell phone charms handmade by me! Well this is another giveaway you can win from my blog be sure to take part What every gal want 1st Giveaway!

You may click above link for detail of the giveaway, don't forget to follow me at Facebook too as I have shared some fantastic giveaway held in Facebook. Some nice giveaway and event, I didn't join all the event because some places I find it far for me.

The Giant Kids Run sound good to me for my son but Kepong is stranger place for us. We seldom travel to Kepong and not familar with the place. Last year I wanted to join the run with my son but didn't because cousin having an open house at the same day. No kidding it is a year past, no doubt we are one year older now.

I registered the Guardian Charity Walkathon 2012 and gave one of the goodie bags to sister-in-law, she was the one helping to care my baby while we went for the walk. She's always there for me, so I am sharing many things with her and even some samples redemption online. I would let her know of it, sharing is caring.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Barbie Dolls collection

Well look at my Barbie dolls, I have them since I was kid and some I purchased while in teen. I have one or two Barbie doll not in good shape anymore. What do you suggest? I sell them? I don't have baby girl in the family. I seldom play them anymore. I remembered selling the Barbie dolls clothes last time, the clothes I made for them!

It was fun playing the Barbie dolls when I was young, I even invite my classmate over to my place and play together. We have such good time playing it, I used to have the pink fridge but it was broken so I throw it away. The fridge has got drinks and food can too!

There's more than just Barbie dolls, I even sew and knit clothes for the Barbie dolls. You can see only one boy Barbie dolls most of them are girls, there's a kid and baby too. I will need time to take a group picture of them, do you want to see?

I find some day to post up the Barbie doll fashion show, it would be fun but no fun for my boy because it's for girls play only!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

RMK Makeover Pass giveaway

This is September month, I have giveaway for my loving followers. It is RMK Makeover Pass giveaway, this pass is valid until 30 September 2012. If you need a makeover this is time to grab this chance to win.

You can make an appointment with them for a complimentary makeover. The pass is valid for one customer only. Appointments need to be made at least three days in advance.
You can make appoinment and secure your session with one of the following outlets!

RMK Parkson Pavillion 03-2148 3119
RMK Isetan Suria KLCC 03-2164 7392
RMK Gardens Mid Valley 03-2287 4931

It is easy to take part this giveaway, just be follower of this blog leave your follower ID and your name, and why you want to win this giveaway. You may leave comment in this post.

Giveaway ends at 10pm this Sunday 9, September 2012. Winner will be announce on this blog, winner need to email me within 48 hours or new winner will be chosen.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Check and read the measurement of size

I cannot believe that I still can wear this blouse, it is XL size and I can still fit in it. I found my pants in the wardrobe and happy know I have slim down a size or two, that's not enough as my dad last week saw me and said I have put on weight. No kidding I have not go for a walk for two weeks now, yeah rainy season is one of the reasons.

If you are shopping online for plus size clothing, it is important to read and check on the size measurement. Not all the size is suitable for you, I often check on the tips on shopping plus size. Even the clothes look good on the model that doesn't mean it looks good on me. I prefer to choose dark colour clothing for some reasons. My clothing colour I have got black, red, blue, purple, green, and pink.

My friend doesn't like to wear wired bra, she told me that it is painful to wear wired bra. How about you? I seldom wear wired bra, if I am going to wear maybe just for few hours the most will be half a day which mean about six to eight hours. Talking of wired bra, my friend told me it is painful for her to wear I am thinking is it because she bought the wrong size of bra.

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