Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Affordable Family Protection Kit for home office

It's Wednesday tomorrow and Friday, kids don't have to go to school. Some parents have already make their plan for today as one of my friends head to Cameron Highland with her family. As for us we just stay at home and didn't make any plan for this weekend. Talking about family plan, have you keep any protection kit in the family? Sharing is caring, Family Protection Kit (This is a hamper consisting of 5 different items) by @mybespokehealth. You can buy this family protection kit for your family or loved ones. There 5 different items are as following:
1. Premium Medical Face Mask: 10 pieces Earloop Mask, made in Malaysia. It is Latex free and Protection complied to ASTM level .
It is comfort and softer than normal mask. It's hypoallergenic, safe for all types of skin..
2. Nano Silver Multipurpose Cleaner (NSMC) 500ml :It is specially formulated to be Non-foaming, Non-skin irritating and Environmentally friendly! NSMC effectively removes germs. It can be used on hands and body, furniture, clothes, fabrics, carpets, air conditioner filters, walls and floors.
3. Airless Pump 15ml (one time use) X2 : NSMC can be poured into this Airless Pump Bottle. Travel friendly, you can take it with you on short or long trips.
4. Diffuser : The NSCM can be used in humidifiers and air coolers. Convenient and handy, just one touch to turn it on.
5. Eucalyptus Oil : Eucalyptus Oil can be added into the diffuser together with NSMC
Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil
* Silence a cough
* Clear your chest
* Keep the bugs away
* Disinfect wounds
* Breath Easy
* Sooth Cold Sore
The Family Protection Kit is selling at RM156.00 , Now it’s only RM129.00, this price is directly from brand! Yes you read it correctly, visit this link to shop now. It's nice having this at home, I will put the disfuser in the room or living room.

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