Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lousy courier service until today never receive my items!

Last week when I wasn't around for two days, the exact two days the courier came and left their message at the gate. On Monday I called them up and the lady told me that they will courier to me on Tuesday, but no courier came on the day. Then I receive their call in the evening saying they will send courier on Wednesday. Sadly Wednesday no courier came, and until today there's no news from the courier.

It is difficult to get through their numbers, when I got through nobody answer the called. Yeah waited until the call end by itself. There's no saying where the courier sending from, it is only the courier company address. I check the courier company on their Facebook and seen that many people complains of them.

You bet I am mad at this courier company, I never know what's the item for me. Maybe is the Prize I won for my baby, the milk powder.

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