Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect (none stop laughing)

Last Wednesday an awesome night for my dear and I, we went to watch the premiere screening of Pitch Perfect. This movie premier screening at Hall 10 which is very easy to enter the hall it is not far away from the entrance. The movie is awesome it is about the girl named Beca she has to go the college because her dad wanted her to go college. When she arrived the Barden College, she has a room mate a Korean girl. Beca join "The Bellas" an all girls a capella group, she and eight other girls joined this group. One of the girls named Fat Amy, there's another girl she looked like Chinese her named is Lily and she sing so soft rarely anyone can hear her.

In this movie Jesse invited Beca to watch with her the movie The Breakfast Club, she doesn't pay attention watching the movie. When Jesse decided not to see her anymore, one night she took the movie home and watch it alone.

Funny part of this movie, it is when the girls are not happy with their leader (Aubrey) and Aubrey decided to throw up on the spot! Oh yeah... it is very messy and if you are eating you will not want to see this part of the movie. Lily fell down in Aubrey's pute on the floor and she started swimming in it.

This is musical comedy movie, if you like music and comedy this is definitely a movie for you to watch. We have none stop entertainment from this movie. I don't know how to put all my thoughts in words anymore, you got to see it yourself. I find my dear none stop laughing in this movie. I am glad both of us enjoy watching this movie together.

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