Sunday, November 25, 2012

Avene workshop is rewarding!

 Good afternoon everyone, how are you doing? I wanted to upload picture at my blog about Avene workshop. Sadly to say I have used up the storage space, I click the link to find out more and they charge on using more spaces! Yeah it is monthly plan and means need to pay monthly! So you see I cannot upload many pictures to share with you. I received the RM20 during registration also the mystery gift upon entrance. You don't want miss out any update from Avene on Facebook.

Early morning I parking in Sunway Pyramid and I walked to floor of McD, yeah I got a bit lost to go the Sunway Resort. I went into parking lot and took a lift from there, then walked out from Pyramid Hotel to use their link to walk over Sunway Resort. :D

I signed up for the Avene workshop, it was afternoon session because my friend's in the morning session. I opt to change it to morning. The time is shorter compare to afternoon session. They you go see in the picture Rabiatul Adawiyah with me. :D

 So much to learn in the Avene workshop I am happy to be part of it! Grace in the left pinky girl is using the mask on neck instead of face! Yes same goes to Amelin because they have got makeup. Yes neck is important too just like our face! Don't waste the mask, hehe..
 Below picture of me enjoying the masking moment, yeah I was told my mask is bigger compare to others.
 Last but not least a picture of Jaclyn, she's from Avene and she's the one been spamming my mail box. LOL.
This is good workshop knowing of the Avene products, I wanted to upload more pictures for you to see. But I am afraid I will lose out spaces here. So I will upload in instagram sherrygo, so you may look for me there. :D


  1. hi :)

    i went to afternoon session :) it is in deed very rewarding :)

  2. if I didn't change attending the session, I will be in the afternoon session. :D

    Hehe.. love to know more of Avene if there's workshop available and convenient for me to go. :D

  3. yeah it is fun to learn on skin care. :D


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