Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Annoying call from Bank

Just now I receive an annoying called from the bank. She told me that she's calling on behalf of bank and telling me the offer from bank about the insurance. The fee as low as RM150, well they never mention it is for monthly and yearly. I know she's doing her job calling up the list of names in hand. Just like the other day a lady called me up telling me of free voucher stay at any hotel.

Anyway I told her I have not interest to listen of it at the first place; she insists I listen to the plan. After she finishes reading from the plan, I am quite sure she is reading because it sounds so obvious! She's speed reading from phone. LOL

She told me this called will be recorded etc, and then in the end when I told her I have no interest. She then finished the conversation with survey, asking me if I have interest for their marketing call in future.

Talking of marketing, I have even called up people and students during the work last time. It was to inform them about the classes offer for the language classes and update them on the class going to be held in the centre.

Have you receive any annoying call from bank or others?


  1. receiving calls from bank offering new card credits...already mention not interested but keep on offering me...maybe its their job, but we also have the right to say no, please stop calling me...=)

    1. yeah they none stop calling saying you are among the selected etc.


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