Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding dinner@Ideal Convention Centre Palm Spring Damansara

This morning I head to post office to mail the parcel for Guess & Win is back. RD094032795MY is the registered post!

It was our first time to go Ideal Convention Center Palm Spring Damansara, there's a map behind the invitation card. We manage enter the area but unable to find Block A, I didn't see any signboard of Block A at all on the building.

I like the decoration, all tables with flowers on it and a business card of the decorator of course! While wating everyone to come, I have time to snap picture with the pretty flowers! Hehe.. check out the picture below.

We thought we were late on Saturday night, but others people are late also because of heavy rain. The convention center is big but they do not have baby chair/ high chair for baby, so you know my baby need to be hold all night long.


  1. holding the baby and eating, might not comfortable at all..

    1. @therosputih yeah not so easy to be handle baby throught out the night.


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