Monday, December 3, 2012

What's your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?

It is time to reveal to you my biggest fear in my life, I have few things I fear in life and one of them it would be height. When I was a kid, I often fell down from stairs. Then on I have fear in stairs if it is very steep I would need to hold hand to accompany down the stairs. I remembered during my teenager, we visited the Temple in Thailand and the stairs are so steep. I need to hold on to my mom or dad hand to accompany me.

During my childhood, I took bus to the school. The bus would stop opposite of big drain and there is only one piece of wooden stick in between the big drain. Many kids need to cross the wooden stick in order to go opposite of the big drain. I recalled the bus operator lady none stop scolding me for being coward not able to cross the stick by myself. I cried none stop and I told her that I fear of height!

Until today there's reason why I never visit Batu Caves because I worry of the stairs, my bro invited me to go praying with him but I wasn't ready and yes until today I am not ready. Frankly speaking until today I haven't been to Batu Caves, here's a picture of Batu Caves below image from Google image.

I wrote up another fear of my life which is crocoach you can read about it here by click on the link.

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