Friday, November 2, 2012

Specialy handmade for son's teacher

I took time to do this for my son's teacher, next will be Teacher's Parent Day and this handmade by me will be present for the Teacher. Okay the picture is upside down so you probably don't see the Teacher's name. This is son's teacher asking for a small gift nothing expensive she said, so I decided to make this piece just for her. :D

Tomorrow need to bring my baby to see doctor, he's having cough and mild flu. I have called up this morning for appointment tomorrow morning to see the doctor. I am starting to feel like coughing, everyone else in the family are coughing too.

I love playing with the letter beads, problem is they don't have all the letters in same colour. There's one sad news to share suppose I thought I have won two passes to go Legoland but sadly this is just a dream. My name no longer on the list because they remove the 11 names on the lists. Yeah I am among the other ten other names that been remove.

I haven't make any plan for this school holiday, how about you?

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