Friday, November 2, 2012

Guess & Win is back!

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Guess & Win is back at My Mom's Best!

You need to guess how much I spend on my son in One Utama.
I bought him new pant, new sandals, and new underwear.
The person with most close guess on how much I spend, win the
Hello Kitty Mask
Flowery pin handmade Jewelry by S

You need be GFC follower of my blog with address in Malaysia for postage!
You are require to blog this contest at your blog and leave the link in this post.
Your blog need to be at least three months old.
Start copy and End Copy is where you need to do, don't forget to add the of Hello Kitty mask and Kiss Me picture above in your post!

You can start guessing after posting the link of entry in this post.
You may guess many times, each comment with one guess only.
Guess & Win ends at 12 midnight on 26 October 2012 (Friday).
Edit: 26 October 2012, the Guess and Win is back ends at 12midnight on 2nd November 2012.
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Good afternoon everyone, how are you doing? The Guess & Win is back! Yesterday I head to GSC One Utama to watch movie with my son for the premier screening of Frankenweenie in 3D. It is his second time watching movie in 3D.

I had to purchase new sandals for him, new pants, and new underwear for him. You can read more about the incident here. Everything happen so quickly and yeah you know we just didn't thought it would happen to him.

The movie is awesome, I won movie passes to watch Frankenweenie this Tuesday too but I am not going because I have seen the movie. It is unexpected that I won passes for the same movie but in different contest.

Talking of movies, I am going to watch movie with my friend tonight. She is coming to pick me up in the afternoon as we will be early there for window shopping and dinner. I like to thank my friend for her time, it would be our first time to go movie together. The second time we are out together, the first time we went workshop together.

Oh well about the Guess & Win is back, refer to above on how to take part.



    my guess : rm65.90
    rm 73.60

    1. You may make another guess as one comment one guess after complete first step which you done the blog post

  2. one guess one comment. so your guess is RM65.90.

  3. We'll be going to watch Frankenweenie tomorrow :D

  4. Replies
    1. you need to blog the guess and win in blog first only can take part to guess.

  5. Salam.Join!

    My Guess:RM59.90


  6. i'm joinning... !

    i guess RM109.70

  7. Hi, Im joining :)

    I guess RM57 :)

  8. Hi,
    My blog post link:
    I would guess RM 45.00


    my first gues rm71.80


    with my guess rm75

  11. guess & win is back ends 1 hour 40 min.

  12. haha too bad im too late for the contest...anyhow is Frankenweenie nice???i think my dog look like this dog hehe...

  13. wow too bad i missed the contest...anyhow is Frankenweenie nice???my dog looks like him hehe...

    1. worry not, I have more giveaway coming up soon. Just stay tune on my blogs :D


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