Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie Review; Wreck-It Ralph *my son loves it!

Yesterday night it is awesome time for mother and son, we watched the special screening of Wreck-It Ralph. This movie starts 8.45pm and 8pm starts collection of ticket. The screening in Hall 8 of MBO Cinema Subang Parade. It is very near to exit of MBO Cinema too after finished the movie.

This movie is about Ralph and his job is wreck things up, he would be wreck the building and good guy  Felix comes fixing it. Ralph sicked of his job as he feels he's not appreciate, he has interest to join the good guys but he's not welcome because everyone feels he's just a bad guy! He stays in the dump and no friends. On 30th Anniversary of their games, Ralph pays Felix a visit when he saw him having a party. He wanted a slice of cake and he never had one before so Felix invited him in, things got worst when he smashed the cake. The cake made by Mary has everyone at the top of building except for Ralph, he's down at the mud. Ralph wants to show them that he can wins a metal too, he left the game and went into another game. After he won the metal things got worst when he accidently steps on an egg then all eggs triggered. One of bug sticks to his face and he fall into the space craft and they went into Sugar Rush's games. When Ralph is not in the game when a girl wanted to play this game, Felix and others in the game panic! Felix needs to find Ralph back in the game, if not the games will be remove from the game centre.

If you love playing games, you will definitely know the well known games in the Wreck-It Ralph. I watching this movie and reminds of the games I played Pacman, Root beer guy (the one passing root beer to guys in the bar). Yeah I played the game of Root Beer before! So many times I cannot recall the name of this game.

The movie entertains us from start until the end. The Sugar Rush is about racing sugar candy cars, King Candy is the bad guy! He wants to destroy not only Ralph but the princess in Sugar Rush. King Candy is Turbo?! Amazing find out who Felix fall in love with and got married in the end of the movie. :) Sweet..

I am sure you need to find out how Ralph sneaks into another game and how he wins the silver. Oh well.. you got to see the movie yourself to find out more, all I can say is my son loves this movie! He didn't want to watch ParaNorman because he's afraid of zoombie!

Thank you nuffnang for this wonderful movie! :D

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