Thursday, August 31, 2017


Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, today is 31 August 2017. It's 60th Birthday of Malaysia, tanah airku. Yesterday was the SEAGAME 2017 closing ceremony and we spend the time at home to watch the closing.

Today, I am sharing with you the JONLIVIA PHIRO BACK SUPPORT. As you can see my son is using heavy backpack everyday to school because the books are heavy. Though they have locker in class but still there's a lot of books to bring back home. Being a concern mom about his back and health.

I am glad I have found JONLIVIA PHIRO, this is specially for people who is having :

  • curved spine
  • hunchback
  • sciatica
  • osteroporotic fractures
  • spinal deformation
  • muscle fatigue
  • myopia
Even my sil is wearing this JONLIVIA PHIRO because she has been complaining about her back pain. She's in late 40s now and we know it's important to take care our health. Health is wealth. 

It helps to correct poor posture and pulls back the shoulders, alight spine.
no more feeling back pain, she feels better now
 The product is easy to use and both of them are using L size and they are sharing to use. While Sean is at school, sil can used it. Sometimes I also wear it when I have the time. The product is easy to use and has got an instruction paper that comes with it.

Washing instruction which advice on it:
Hand wash with mild soap in warm water.
Rise well and air dry.
Do not suggest long cleaning time for long term use. 

What's the function on using the JONLIVA PHIRO?

  1. Make you an elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing
  2. Helps to correct poor posture
  3. Train your body to keep your sholders back. 
  4. Correct Scollosis and other malformed spinal cuvatures
  5. Relieve posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headaches
  6. Pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck and aligns spine. 
With everyday busy lifestyle, don't forget to take time off to relax and bonding time with family.
You can view the video above to see more photos. They are other products that JONLIVIA are selling, click on the link to see more of JONLIVIA products. You can read about the Hotpant S5 that I reviewed on my personal blog.

With Internet access we can shop online, you can visit This can be a nice gift for loved ones.


  1. Okay.. after reading this, I really need to get this as I need to find a product to avoid me from hunchback. Guess my backbone will be better with this product <3<3<3

  2. Loved the backpack design. Makes so much sense now that the kids need to carry around a lot of luggage:)

  3. That school bag indeed looks extremely heavy. Reminds me of my school days. Need to get one back support for me as well.

  4. Wow, that school bag is really heavy for a kid. How long does one need to wear the back support daily for it to be effective?

    1. need to wear it daily and it helps with correct sitting position as well. Even my niece is wearing this.

  5. This is a product which I really need! I heard it even increase one height!

  6. Such an informative post and these days life is so hectic, we all need such support to keep ourself easy. This back support is something that I would like to buy for myself!

  7. This is a product I need...I have been just so hunched with all the stress.. must look this up thanks

  8. This is a product I need...I have been just so hunched with all the stress.. must look this up thanks

  9. This is great.. i should buy it even for my mum as well. Thanks sharing Sherry :)

  10. Seems like a good product. I am trying to correct my posture, tend to slouch which is not good. And also,it's 60th Independence Day, not Malaysia's Birthday. That would be on 16th Sept.


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