Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Printcious for personalized birthday gifts

This month of August is a special month because it's my twin sisters birthday, well I have some good stuff to share with you too. This is the Printcious for personalized birthday gifts for loved ones. Click on the link to visit, with everyone busy with their lifestyle, there's little time to shop for birthday gifts. No worry now as we have Internet access from office, home and everywhere, we can customize the gifts for loved ones. Printcious.com – Precious Gifts From Your Heart”, I love this slogan as it's from your heart to give nice precious gifts to loved ones.

Looking at the website I found there are many gift ideas that I can make for lover ones. There are:
cushions, mugs, canvas, keychains, mousepads, ceramic tiles and mini tees.

Talking about the mini tees, I like the above which I have made for my twin sisters. I can make two of these to give each of them. It is a photo mini tees of me and my sons.
Besides that, I have another gift ideas by create a customize cushion for loved ones. This is photo cushion of my son where I can present my dear for his office use. He's always working long hours, I am sure he would love to hug the cushion when he has got the time.
Last but not least, a personalized gift ideas which I like to give for my son who is going to primary school next year. He is going to be Standard One, and this keychain has got his name on it, it would be great to put it on his school's bag. At Standard One, I am sure most parents would want to have their kids' school bags have the name on it, as I don't want to write the name using the permanent marker pen. I find it's good to use this keychain for his school bag.

Mugs are good too as everyone got to have a drink at their office or home. Personalized mug will brings back the memory to loved ones. 

There is free shipping with orders above RM70 at West Malaysia. This is good news as we can save the shipping fee. Everyone has got their precious memories, there are many adorable items to choose from at the website.

My friends are planning for kids birthday party for her children, I am sure she will find this website useful. She can create many personalized birthday gifts for children that attended her children birthday party.

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