Saturday, September 2, 2017

Coolest CoolBlog Experience

Busy lifestyle as mom and full time housewife. I got to say it's not easy but I love what I am doing. While shopping at MYDIN Mall, Subang Jaya. I saw the CoolBlog that I wanted to try. The weather is cold and hot, I like to have cold drink to cool me down. Watch below the Coolest CoolBlog I bought for my loved ones and myself.

CoolBlog's Oreo Smoothies Cappucino, Apple flavour, Oreo Smoothies Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Mom's know the best when comes to promotion, we can't missed it. Buy Any New Oreo Smoothies and purchase another fruit yogurt flavor with only RM1.Yeah it's affordable and can enjoy the drinks at the same time.
The small Coolblog drinks of range you seen above is RM1 each, as I bought 2 of the Oreo Smoothies drinks - I am entitled to purchase 1 each with RM1.  
Coolest CoolBlog drinks in town!

variety of CoolBlog drinks to choose from.
That's mine Oreo Smoothies Cholate
Delicious Coolest Coolblog Oreo Smoothies Chocolate that I choose from, yummy at every sip and taste of Oreo and Chocolate makes me want more! While my son WL has chosen the green apple yogurt flavour. Actually I wanted to drink the Strawberry yogurt flavour but Sean says he wanna try the Strawberry though I bought the Oreo Smoothies Chocolate flavour. My little boy likes the Apple Yogurt flavour of CoolBlog, look how cute he is below photo with his thumb up. There's coffee to choose from and I chosen the Oreo Smoothies Cappuccino drink for my sister-in-law as she loves coffee.
He is loving it, he loves the green apple flavour.

I am happy as I get to share the CoolBlog drinks with my sister in law and my kids. 
Yeah I am going back for more when I have the free time. 
I bought the drinks after shopping at MYDIN.

Now everyone can stay cool with the CoolBlog drinks, you can visit their outlets when you have the time. I was sad as they no longer having the outlet in Subang Parade. No worry now as I can find CoolBlog in MYDIN USJ, Subang Jaya. 
Sharing with you on my blog post here about the Coolest CoolBlog Experienced.

Strawberry yogurt flavour that Sean chosen as He wanna try this Happyblog of Coolblog
 Sean loves it and he says is coolest experience for him, he had it while enjoying his lunch at home.
with Top 10 flavours of CoolBlog, which is your favorite?

#JOMCOOL is the Coolest CoolBlog drinks! I would recommend for people who love to drink cold/cool drinks!


  1. Ooo...i would love to try this cooling drink out...hehhe the weather is too hot these days...

  2. How is the taste. I have not try it yet. They have variety of choices

  3. Strawberry yogurt looks drooling. Will try soon. Thanks for sharing

  4. yummy! I Love chocolate coolblog. Nice and refreshing!

  5. It's great to see how CoolBlog has stood the test of time. Remember seeing an outlet when I was in KL a loooong time ago. Now they are even in Ipoh.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Me too enjoyed with the taste of the coolblog. Same place here in Mydin too 😊


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