Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kids Tour Guide:Johan Speaking Academy

Good evening to my dear readers and friends. How did you spend your last weekend? Today is Wednesday and it was the last day for Sean's school's tuition for this school holiday. He had a good time last week. I had sign up him for the Johan Speaking Academy for the Kids Tour Guide. It's a good outdoor experience for him and at the same time we get to know more about the farm animals.
This place we visited is Farm in the City, time fly as we last went was year 2014. 

The first day he had to attend the Kids Tour Guide program at Johan Speaking Academy at TTDI, this where he gets to know about what he got to do there and the team he will be in. Second day as you can see its the Farm in the City, the first hour they will tour the farm and know about the animal following a staff of farm to show them the way and explaining to them about the animal.
Sean attended the Kids Tasty Speech not long ago and it's his first time taking part in Kids Tour Guide. It's interesting program for children as they are put in group in a team of four person. Each is given a task and to remember the animal that they need to introduce to the tourist and let them know about the habitat of the animal. It's not going to be easy as they need to face the public to talk and show them the correct animal. They are tortoise and turtle farm, with wide range of rare and exotic tortoises and turtles. They explained to tourist that they are not allow to sit on the giant tortoises that they saw but they are allow to feed them. Sean's with his team members, he needs to talk about ostrich and goats to the tourists about the longevity of their lifestyle.

Everyday children are busy with their education and other activities which is planned by the parents. It's nice to enroll them to something different like kids public speaking. This give them chance to speak up and know more about them too. Through this Kids Tour Guide by Johan Speaking Academy I got to know of Sean's favorite animals.

Kids Tour Guide photo with the tourist

There's difference between Kids Tasty Speech and Kids Tour Guide as Kids Tasty Speech the kids stayed indoor while this they need to be outdoor to have real life experience and close to nature and animal.

With total of 15 Kids Tour Guide, after their have finished the Kids Tour Guide, they are given a chance to speak up about their favourite animal and ambition.

Each of them will have to queue up first to pick on a paper and they will open to see what is the number. This number represent when they will speak up on stage. Sean's was the 2nd to go on stage.
Thank you Johan and Cherry for the guidance, Sean has done a good job as Kids Tour Guide and we are proud of him.

The certificates are given to each one of them. There are two types of certificate, one is Johan Speaking Academy of Kids Tour Guide another is the certificate of Farm In The City. After that we can continue stayed in there until 6pm if we wish to. As the farm only closed at 6pm.
 Sean's continue his good time at the farm, he carefully handle the chick and give the tourist to hold.

There are food machines at the farm where tourist can purchase them to feed the animal. Sean's little brother had a good time, he ride on the horse a round for RM7. It's first time he ride a horse.

If you have interest to know more about Johan Speaking Academy, click on the link. They have Kids Public Speaking and Teen Public Speaking. They have 10 weeks Kids Public Speaking. They also have short program for the children.

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