Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Weplay: we play-we learn

Last Saturday for me and little one, after sending Sean over to Johan Speaking Academy which you can click to read on what he program he went. We headed to Glo-Damanasara with mommy Jane and her little one. It was the day that my dear is busy working so he's not able to accompany son and me.

It's my first time to be at Glo Damansara, the event venue is at WorQ. 12 parenting bloggers are invited at the event for a good time together. Great bonding time for parents and children also teamwork as we are put to team to work together to make something incredible.

A morning start with the Tai Chi Ball, yeah it's good exercise to activating your body movement. With oriental ingenuity, Weplay creates a meaningful childhood experience for parents and children.

Gentle & Rigorous
Balance & Placid
Metabolic & Symmetrical
Smoothing -flowing Rhythm
Unhurried & Elegant.

Mr. Elton Chu giving his speech

Mr. Elton Chu, he's the CEO at KIDDIE'S PARADICE INC.
Creative Director of educational product design for Weplay
Honorary Director at Taiwan Toy & Children's Article Manufactures Association.
In year 2011 - 2016 Jury for "Taiwan Young Designer's Award"
2011-2016 Jury for Design Competition for Toys and Child Products for Junior Colleges and Colleges.

Activities at the event that you can see the photo Album and another Album at my Facebook Fan Page, click on the link to view them. There's activities that we need to build Banana bridge or Banana Boat. It was fun as we trying to keep them stand on the banana shape toy. The Weplay Cookie Festival a fun building set that gives child and parent to think at the same time, fun bonding time together.

It's also fun to unlock the mystery in as one of the cookie would contained of either Beads or Beads. Yeah we are given on the day the two Weplay Cookies to find guess what's inside o fit.

This is another fun activities named Boss Baby that parents and children take part together. Vestibular system of body control, balance, sensory integration. It has total of 6 activities that children need to throw the dice to get start with.
The 6 activities are:

  1. One Jumping Jack
  2. Collect 2 points  
  3. Do chicken dance
  4. Collect 4 points
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. Jumping jacks and chicken dance

Next was a break time for half an hour. The interactive play 3 is Future Architect, using the IcyIce Building Set where the team got to build together it's not gonna be busy but it was fun. Look does it look like a tower and family of duck? Yeah we are Group 1, so we need to build a tower and a family of duck.

Group 2- build a robot and a house
Group 3 - build a KLCC tower
Group 4 - build a castle and train

Toys provide plenty of enjoyment and happiness, it helps to build self-esteem. Motor skill, emotional development, cognitive development and social development.
A fun playground which is set up by Weplay. Kids enjoying themselves, they can't stop playing.
Weplay connects playing and learning - every joyful activity builds the foundation for children's learning and success in the future.
It's so fun that my son WL enjoying this toy, it's the Weplay Infinite Loop and he's sharing it to play with his brother. This toy gives them the visual tracking experience.

Thank you Weplay and for inviting us. For more information about Weplay visit and


  1. Good experience for the little one..

  2. wahhhhhh best and sesuai untuk bawa anak-anak kan:)

  3. Such a benefit n great activities.. Not only child learns something new but a relationship between parent n child grows more stronger..

  4. Macam menarik je untuk bagi pendedahan pada anak i. tapi bila la ada kelapangan untuk ke sana T-T


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