Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Berz Baby & Kids 5-in-1 Dinnerware

Good evening to my dear readers, above is my video on unboxing the BERZ baby and kids products which bought from Lazada Malaysia. With Internet access, it is easy to shop online and the products send to home. As you can see the products, that's how the parcel looks like when it is send to me.

1.Baby Food Hand Made Blenders

My son is happy to received the BERZ products and the first thing he likes to make fresh orange juice for his big brother.

Happy me as I also get to drink the fresh juice made with love by son. That's why you saw the video he says he was tired as he made another fresh orange juice for me after making for his big brother.

 The next day, WL wants to make some yummy mashed potatoes. It's nice as he also used it for the carrots. You can watch the video to find out, beside that if you love baking you will find this useful as it is fast to divide the yellow york from the egg.

I am happy as it is my son that makes the review on the products, except for the egg dividing. He tried but he didn't succeed as the egg's york has mixed with the white.

2.Baby & Kids 5-in-1 Dinnerware Set

The Berz Products of Baby & Kids 5-in-1 Dinnerware, the cute pink color is just nice anyone who as a baby girl. Berzbaby, there is fork and spoon, cup and bowl. This is a UK brand registered in UK 2012, and they have an online shopping website that you can find them on All the product was tested by EU Food Certificate, SGS, FDA. 

For your information, the products are made in China. If you have interest to know more about the products you can find them on 

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  1. This Berz Products of Baby & Kids 5-in-1 Dinnerware looking never seen this In any department store.


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