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The latest trend of celebrating the Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival is to
enjoy mooncakes that are made with innovative fillings and creative designs. 
At Dorsett Grand Subang, Master Chef Alex Chan from The Emperor Chinese Restaurant handcrafts the classic mooncake varieties with a twist and his creations will be made available from 13 August 2017.

You can view videos on the making of making the Once In A Blue Moon mooncake at my Facebook page:
These handcrafted halal mooncakes for the Mid -Autumn Festival comes in a box of two (2) and four(4) pieces. The hotel’s signature mooncake for this year is the
Crystal Skin Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk which embodies the Dorsett identity with its snow skin in blue. The mooncake is free from artificial colouring as it is derived from ‘Bunga Telang’ extracts. Bunga Telang; also known as Blue
Pea Flower, carries antioxidants which can lower blood pressure as well as enhancing memory and brain power. 
Apart from the new blue mooncake, Dorsett Grand Subang is unveiling three new nutritious baked mooncake flavours– Six Coarse Grains Paste,Coconut Pandan Paste with Single Yolk and Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk. 
 The Six Coarse Grains Pasteis rich in Omega 3 as it contains walnut, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, rolled oats, black sesame and sunflower kernel–
it is also less sweet and has mono- unsaturated fatty acids to lower cholesterol. Meanwhile, the Coconut Pandan Paste combines two familiar localflavours with the aroma of pandan leaves and the sweetness of coconut. Pandan leaf extracts have been thought to reduce fever, relieve indigestion and flatulence while coconut is known for protecting against heart diseases by increasing good cholesterol. 
Lastly, the Green Tea Pasteis high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants which can help ward off premature aging by fighting free radicals.
Dorsett Grand Subang’s mooncake selections also offer choices for guests who are fans of the traditional combination of glistening salted egg yolks embedded in low sugar white lotus paste which is available in a variation of double or single yolk. Each piece warrants a bite of quality egg yolk and a flavourful burst of texture. 
Other popular flavours such Red Bean Paste and Pandan Lotus Paste are
also available.
Mooncakes are about unity among family members and strengthening ties with friends, both personal and corporate. Thus, they make meaningful gifts when presented in an exquisite blue box lined with intricate Dorsett motifs.
The mooncake s are available for sale between 13 August and 4 October 2017 at Dorsett GrandSubang, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, Dorsett Putrajaya, Silka Maytower Kuala Lumpur and Silka Cheras Kuala Lumpur.
Members of Dorsett Prestige Club and Dorsett Choice are entitled for
20% discount throughout the sale period while purchases before 10 September 2017 enjoy 20% early bird privilege. Meanwhile, bulk purchase of 30 boxes and above are entitled for 30% discount. 
For more information, visit our website at www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/subang
or follow them on social media platforms at
www.facebook.com/DorsettGrandSubang and

For enquiries and orders, please contact:
Dorsett Grand Subang
T:+603 5031 6060 ext. 1954
E: bookfnb.subang@dorsetthotels.com
Dorsett Kuala Lumpur
T:+603 2716 1000
Dorsett Putrajaya
T:+603 8892 8388
Silka Maytower KL
T:+603 2692 9298
Silka Cheras KL
T:+603 9100 1133

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