Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finding Dory Movie with family

my son so happy and excited as we gonna watch the movie.
We have watched the Finding Dory movie with family this afternoon. The movie in hall 1 at family friendly hall in Sunway Pyramid. If you have seen Finding Nemo, you'll look forward to watch Finding Dory because it is related. Read on but there will some spoiler. By the way if you are watching movie in hall 1, do look out as there's no seating with letter 'i', they have G, H, K but no letter 'i'. So have to move our seating which didn't exist and seated on F roll instead.

Dory has short term memory lost, so she's out to look for her parents. She left her parents at early age, her journey met new friend named Hank who is a octopus. Hank fear of kids zone. Nemo and his dad helped Dory to look for her parents.

It's an adventure movie where Dory and her friends met a giant squid. The are many sea shells in the movie. What can you do with sea shells? You can place them on the sand to make a long trace like tracing back to your home, so that you wouldn't get lost or it might someday brings back the memory for you that you need to follow the shells back to your home.

The movie is suitable for children to watch with companion of adults.

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