Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday to my son

It's my son's Wei Lin birthday and we know that he loves green color and he likes Avengers. He favourite character is the Hulk, this is cake is ordered from Catherine Cakery. You can click on the link to view more cakes.
This cake is specially made for Wei Lin, it has his named on it and this beautiful fondant cake is not just pretty to see but also delicious to eat. My sons love this 3D hulk cake and none stop posting their best shot before the birthday celebration.

Hulk fists toys on the table and he's wearing hulk's shirt and even his brother has wore green shirt. Not just that even our home's curtain is green in colour. Hehe.. I love green color too, it's the color of nature.

Some of my friends have asked me where I bought this cake as I have posted the photo of this cake image at my social media. Children has many interest in life and you know what's their favourite movie and even toys.
Happy 5th birthday to my son Wei Lin

Children loves cakes and I am sure we need cake for birthday celebration, not just children but also for adults. Father's Day is coming up, have you decide what kind of cake to surprise him? How about a Super Dad cake?

If you have interest to custom made a cake for your loved one, you can also find Catherine Cakery. Her contact number is 012-392 1217 , email her at Catherinecakery@gmail.com
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  1. Nice cake. I love their cakes too :)

    1. yeah we can choose the theme of cake that we prefer.

  2. Happy birthday to you cute cute son :)

  3. Hahaha your sons are so cute! Happy Belated Birthday to him

  4. Happy birthday to ur son!! BTW my name also Wei Lin :P

  5. This cake is so nice, look, your boys were very excited about it :)

  6. Happy birthday to your little boy.. so fast grow up already... huhuhu.. good job mummy!!!

  7. Hahahaha that cakes looks cute

  8. wow! amazing hulk theme cake :) am so impress&saved the contact for my use :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. You son look so happy with his favourite toys and cake. Happy Birthday!


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