Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rushing to watch *FREE BIRDS*

Last night I was mopping then floor, then I finished and I check my Facebook account. Stated that movie Free Birds was the night, I was blurr at first then I remembered that I won two passes to watch the movie. I thought it is next Monday night movie but it wasn't. 8.30pm and movie starts at 9pm at Citta Mall.

I didn't know if I can make it for the movie, I told son that we try going if we can make it to watch movie. He agreed with me and we head the road, slowly driving as I didn't want to rush. There was a big yellow truck infront of me. I just followed behind slowly, waiting to see signboard of U-Turn to Ara Damansara.  We reached 15min before the movie starts, I faster collection tickets. He's given this cute Free Birds bag, look at the above picture. :D

The FREE BIRDS movie is entertaining, it is about two turkeys named Reggie (Owen Wilson) and Jake (Woody Harrelson) wanting to remove the turkey from the menu of Thanks giving. They even traveled back to past. There's comedy in the movie which everyone has a good laugh. Son even pretends to be one of the turkeys dancing. Yeah you can see many angry birds in the movie. How they want to escape from being capture by rangers. Reggie is different from other turkey, his head is blue and he's not fat like other turkey.

It is our first time to watch movie at MBO Cinema, Citta Mall. We love it, the designed of this cinema is different from Subang Parade's MBO. It is so colorful fun and fun being here! 

Now don't forget to join my Movember giveaway, now they are six participants. Once I have reached twenty participants I will add second prize for the giveaway.

By the way, I am sure you have read of the free movie passes from MBO for tomorrow evening. The free passes form for the movies no longer available. Yesterday I saw some people asking and they are out of forms. :(


  1. I enjoyed watching 'Free Birds' too. Remember that part, the President's daughter said ..."I am so tired' and she will just drop down and sleep ..It is really an entertaining movie :)

  2. I saw the trailer of the movie on my Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball 2 DVD and it looks like a nice movie, gonna buy the DVD of it next time :D


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