Monday, June 13, 2016

Back to school after school holidays

It's June and two weeks of school holidays over, back to school and today is kind of hard to wake up my son to go school. While my kiddo has come opening my door to wake me up as early as 7am as he wants to go kindergarten.

There was invitation to watch Power Rangers at RWG last Saturday but we are not available as son has to go tuition in the morning and afternoon I have an event to go, then in the evening we have a family meal with my parents for early celebration of Father's Day.

We had steamboat dinner at a restaurant, RM305 for 8 adults and 2 children. Children is measured by height and inclusive of two cans drink. Loving steamboat and spread of variety choice there, we enjoy ourselves. We have chosen a tom yam soup and chicken soup for our steamboat.

If you have been reading my blog updates. You will find that mymomsbest is no longer used as the blog link because I cannot access it anymore. Though the domain name is not expiry yet, something happened to it and my friend couldn't figure what happen so I decided to purchase a new domain for this blog.

My standard four son is going to have school exam next week. He's indeed poor in BM, BC and he has been going for tuition and have little improvement on that. I hope he keeps it up and learn and do more exercise in the poor subjects that he cannot master. His favourite is English and the mark has decrease, his class teacher has left school due to retirement. Last I saw the class teacher is to collect his report card. She is 60 years old. Today new class teacher has come to teach them.

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