Thursday, June 2, 2016

Animate Your Imaginatoin


This June School Holidays, what is your plan for kids? We have a bonding time together, mother and son.
Every child has different imaginative story, mine is about Pirates. Thank you dear PR for sending this kit, its Disney's "Animate Your Imagination" pack.

If you have visit DisneyJunior.Asia/AnimateYourImagination there is still time to take part as you have time before 12 June 2016 to submit your little one's creative stories.

imagination creations

This is a fun board for son as he started practice on numbers, easy to slide and write for kids.

map and pirate

My son has got imagination of create a Pirate story where he found a treasure map to let Pirate to hunt for his treasure. #disneyjuniorasia
Every girl would have a imaginative princess who could it be? Sofia the First or other? Above is my drawing of princesses, though I am not a kid anymore. I have two sisters, they are twins. So I would love to imagine that we are the Princesses.

Fun tools we use for creative animation artwork are Crayola 8 bright colors, these are washable markers.
Crayola washable watercolors, these are fun colors to use suitable for children above 3 years old.
A set of imagination creations with 20 pieces of different brushes to use.
6 stamps chop of Sophia The First.

You still have time to take part, don't forget to submit your child creative stories. I have earlier share on this fun activities for your little ones on my Facebook, click on the link to view it.

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