Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fire destroyed half of my kitchen

Last week Friday, in the evening a fire incident happened at home. It was from the gas stove as apparently the gas stove we thought has properly turn to closed but it is not. So nobody was in the kitchen and by the time we find out the wok fire has gone up to the kitchen hood suction. Yeah the kitchen hood was still on and didn't turn off. It is turned to off, but seem there might still be small fire on stove as the wok still on it and the cooking stick made of wood is burned too.

Panics as everyone got scare, my sister-in-law asked to use the fire exstinguisher to put out the fire. The fire exstinguisher that we bought was a small bottle type. It was not enough to use as fire still burning from inside the kitchen hood, water has been use to splash out the fire.

Black thick smoke out from the kitchen as we have a door which closed at kitchen that's why we didn't notice anything burning inside kitchen. Thank God, everyone's alright and home is safe. 

Photo can be found in my instagram @Sherrygo.

We have bought a new gas stove but not the kitchen hood as many shops saying that we need to find others to install as they do not include the installation.

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