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Minyak Bebe Anugerah for baby and toddler

It's every parent concerns their baby have a good sleep. Being mommy of two boys I understand how mommy's feel. Breastfeeding is good for baby, my youngest stop breastfeeding when he was less than 2 year old. Breastfeeding mom can be stressful when baby's none stop crying and didn't want to be feed. It is also possible after drinking milk, baby will vomit out the milk due to wind. It happened before to my son when he was younger, it was due to colic and he cannot sleep well all night long. Just sharing my motherhood experienced with you.

Baby and toddler sometimes have colic moments, it's terrible as they would cry and you didn't know what to do. I recalled the nights where my baby often cried and due to colic, baby feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. During this time, baby besides want to be cradle at the same time. Applying oilment is good for baby, it also helped baby to pass out the gas/wind.

I find the Minyak Bebe Anugerah is suitable for my son, when he was having stomachache due to constipation or wind. I would put this oilment on him stomach, just a few drop on palm and apply on his stomach and rub it gently. Sometime when rubbing his stomach with Minayk Bebe Anugerah, he will passed gas.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah

Just two drops of Minyak Bebe Anugerah on my palm to apply on my son's stomach

Minyak Bebe Anugerah is rich with ingredients of eucalyptusal, galangal, lemon grass, pudina mint and kaffir lime which used in traditional to avoid bloating stomach of baby. It is suitable for toddler too, my son have stomachache sometime and I applied this oilment on his stomach.

How to use? Just a drop put on palm and apply on baby body or stomach.
Because my son was having discomfort of stomach so I applied this on this stomach.

You can also applied this on baby's body after baby's bath time. Apply gently and use it when necessary.

Baby's colic is quite common even on toddler's especially they are drinking milk, I know my son likes to drink milk quickly from the bottle. It's no good as he's sucking in air too after finished drinking milk, sometimes he refused to let go the teat of the bottle.

It's important to burp baby's after baby drink milk from bottle. When baby's cry nonstop parents will be panic and worry what's wrong. No kidding this happened before to me, I used to put my son in swing, and even swing didn't help him. I wonder what's wrong, then carrying him and place his stomach on my chest it soothes him.

Many oilment available in the market but not all suitable for baby skin. Baby skin is different from adult skin, they cannot take any oilment that contained of chemical, some oilment will caused baby's skin redness.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah can be used on baby's chest, stomach, waist, buttock and bottom of feet.

apply the Minyak Bebe Anugerah to avoid bloating stomach
I find the Minyak Bebe Anugerah suitable for my son, there's no redness after applying the oil and it didn't make him feeling uneasy. If he's coughing, I can apply on his chest and his back and even at the bottom of his feet.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah, happy son happy mom
suitable to put in child's backpack even in our bag
We can keep a bottle at home or next to the bed side. It comes in handy when we need to use it. 
Minyak Bebe Anugerah is 50ml a bottle, RM15.00 West Malaysia, RM20 Sabah & Sarawak.
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  1. Sounds great for newborn and mommy too 😘 Love to try it out for my newborn coming-soon.

  2. Hi Mouse Mommy, yeah you can also use for toddler too. :D

  3. your bb boy is so cute! First time hearing Minyak Bebe Anugerah though

    1. hehe.. my big baby :D time fly, from baby to toddler.

  4. Great product for the little baby to get rid of colic, kan? Sounds good enough!

  5. Have not heard of this brand before but it is reasonably priced to try. Will inform my mummy friends.

  6. I think this oilment will be suitable for babies as they are very easily bloated

  7. This product is a must have for all new moms and moms...even though my kids are big, this comes in handy for time when for air inside the stomach...

  8. I use this too for my boy. it's great for avoiding colic at night

  9. This is a very useful and hand product for every mom.

  10. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. Nice to know this product is helpful. Will share with my friends.

  12. Your kid is very cute when you used this product to massage your kid's stomach :D

  13. This is a great share Sherry. Would pass this on to my sister. I am sure she would love to know more about it.


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