Thursday, March 6, 2014

Safety gate for baby

Do you think it is important to have safety gate at home? Some parents put them between the kitchen door, 1st floor of the house between walls of staircase. I have the safety gate put up at 1st floor between walls of staircase for my first child. I afraid of him fall down from stairs, he was a good boy.

For second child, my active boy his more active than his eldest brother. He's able to pull up the gate door by himself. He can open and shut it, though it is heavy! Sometimes he would scream for help as he wants to close the gate door.

Beware of safety gate for baby, you need to check whether the lock to wall is secure or not. Always checking to prevent accidents at home. There was a time my 8 years old open the gate door but he fell down, lucky he was opening for coming upstairs not going down stairs. The whole gate fell down on the floor and he's on top of it. It really shocked me for the moment, lucky he's alright no injury.

Always check the screw of the safety gate between walls, they can get loose sometimes. 


  1. OMG that's so dangerous!! Did you install the gate by yourself?

    1. Last time my uncle installed a wooden gate and it hurt my cousin. So it's really important to take note on the gate material if you are installing yourself.

    2. oh don't see any wooden gate, I think need custom made.

    3. Ya my uncle custom made it. They are so heavy and dangerous.

    4. My brother-in-law used to have one custom made for toddler its made of wood. It's square type can put middle of living room.

    5. Ya but that will only be suitable to toddler. 3-4 years old kids love to walk around in the house. There is no way to keep in in the living room haha~

    6. yeah, when they are older they wouldn't want just stay in there.

  2. Yes it is important to have a safety gate at home


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