Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Expensive Parking fee near TM buildling

I can't believe my eyes that the only available parking near TM building are private parking RM15 per entry, and if you drive further up you can find RM10 per entry. Here's the event of Malay Channel we can enjoy to watch, I attended today at TM Building, you can click the link to find what is it.

By the way the fee from Kerinchi Lrt station to Dang Wangi Lrt station cost RM2 one way.
Above picture is after coming out of Heritage House crossed the road, go straight walk to end junction need cross road wait traffic light to turn green for walkers to walk. This will lead to the pedestrian bridge to Dang Wang Lrt station.

The Nuffnang Malaysia office is nearby Dang Wangi Lrt station, today I was there and I need to go again.

After reach the Dang Wangi Lrt, need crossed the pedestrian bridge then cross the traffic light to opposite. Then turn to right, and first left junction turn in, walk all the way to the end. The Heritage House office in brown colour on the right side.

By the way, let's check out as up to date today 26 March 2014, Wednesday the commenting.

Nicole 241
Princess 20
Smartan Dad 2
Alan G 1
Kylie Wenn 4
Qing Pineda 1
Louise Smith 1
Kelly 3
Linda 1
Amirah 1
Celeste DJ Choo 1
Samantha Leong 1
Red 3


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