Saturday, March 8, 2014

Commenting Contest is fun

It's Sunday, so let's find out the commenting counts for commentator for up to 8 March 2014.

Nicole - 225
Princess Neverland 5
Smartan Dad 2

Edited above as up to date 9 March 2014.

Above is the commentator up to the date. Bear in mind that I am manually counting of the comments.

Good think for this is I can exercise my brain.

Now you know your score, you will be able to try more comments to be Top Commentator for March.

Keep commenting if you want to win.

Just for your information, I did take part in commenting contest before. It started few years back and I was crazy commenting with another blogger. It lasted days and nights, so crazy just to win the prize we really contest for it. We contest in few commenting contests before.

One of my biggest achievement is commenting over 5,000 comments for the month! 


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