Saturday, March 22, 2014

Insect bite on forehead swelling

My active toddler woke up yesterday with an insect bite on forehead swelling. At first we didn't know what it was he doesn't feel pain at all.

Today is second day, you can see the middle forehead of him has lessen only left the red mark. As for the red mark, it was incident in the evening he was running towards the cupboard and knock his head on it.

Mosquitoes like to kiss his cheek too. I mean suck his blood.

Now he's awake from nap, happy playing with his brother.

Now let's check out how many comments for this month by commentator below:

Nicole - 238
Princess Neverland 20
Smartan Dad 2
Amirah 1
Celeste DJ Choo 1
Samatha Leong 1
Alan G 1
Kylie Wenn 2
Qing Pineda 1
Louise Smith 1
Kelly 3
Linda 1

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