Friday, March 14, 2014

My son fell down and knees injury

This morning, he was running and he fell down. We were nearby the clinic and straight dear said bring him to see doctor. Doctor clean his wound and everything, given a 5 gm cream and a bottle medicine. There goes RM60. The cut on his knees not very deep so no injection for him. 

Then took him for dentist RM120 for filling two gums. Dentist saw his wound and suggest that leave his wound open no need plaster, this way his wound can heel faster. 

After reach home, he rest a while then he needs shower. He cannot wet his wound, so below is example of how his wound being wrapped before head shower. After he shower then remove the wrapping from his legs and apply the cream.

My toddler wanted to have wrap too, so he removes his pants and waiting dear to wrap for him.

Now let's check out the score for March Top commentator second week:
Nicole 235
Princess Neverland 12
Smartan Dad 2
Alan G 1

Commenting as up to date 15 March, 2014. 


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