Sunday, March 2, 2014

Avene Skin Health Beauty Workshop

Last month I attended the Avene Skin Health Beauty Workshop. I am very happy to attend the workshop again, some more it is located in Sunway Resort which is nearer for me to attend. As you can see the above picture, that's where I sit and waiting to try out the Avene products after the speaks. 

 Above is the team of Avene at registration counter. You can view more pics in instagram sherrygo

The Avene products as you can see the above image. 

Dr. Chu Siew Mun is dermatologist. He explains on causative factors of acne
  • Increased Sebum Production
  • Blockage of Sebaceous Dusts due to increased cornification of sebaceous ducts.
  • Presence of Bacteria, mainly Propinipacterium acnes
  • Mediators of inflammation eg. leukotrienes.
Dr. Chu Siew Mun also explains on food diet, is it Taboo foods are delectable and delicious for the adoloscent palate eg. chocolate, spicy food, nuts, cheese and soft drinks. His advice is eat moderately. There's no scientific proof that eating the taboo foods can caused acne, advice is eat them moderately. 

Dr. Chu Siew Mun receive a token of appreciation from Avene after the worskhop. 

The workshop has Avene expert Ms. Anne-Charlotte Jakubczak (PFDC Asia Pacific Training Manager). I have a good time hands on using the products which suitable for my skin. Picture above of me after using the mask with Avene Spring Water.  

I am very happy to attend the Avene Skin Health Beauty Workshop.

Don't be sad if you didn't attend this workshop as there will be having another soon. 


  1. yeah from this workshop knows more about acne.

    1. Really?? That's great mind sharing some of the tips cause i have lots of acne/pimples on my forehead :(

    2. yeah when they have another workshop, will be great if you attend.

    3. I will for sure, there is no age limit to join right?? And if they did host another workshop do let me know k, thanks :D

    4. I am not sure of the age limit, I think kids cannot join.

    5. Awww too bad then cause i'm under 18 :(

    6. maybe teenager can join the workshop, but with adult. It's better to ask the organiser about it.

    7. If next time got again this kind of workshops would you help me to ask them?? Thanks :D


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