Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Good laugh watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Yesterday it was quite last few hours before the show start, I won the premier movie passes to watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Son didn't believe me that we going to watch movie in the night.

In the movie they have a time machine called WABAC where they can use it to go back to the past. This is the way Sherman learns about history. Sherman and his classmate Penny caught in a fight during their recess time.

It's interesting to watch how a dog named Mr. Peabody can raise a child, he's not just any dog, it's a genius dog! I am glad my dear and my son enjoy the movie, they have a good laugh. How's Mr Peabody going to make Mona Lisa laugh so Leonardo can paint a good picture of her.

Funny caption in the movie that son and me never forget "Smell my victory!", what is it about? You gonna watch it to know it. They are many characters in the movie, I am sure that's one that you like. Let me know after you watched the movie.

The movie is rated P13, so best accompany your children to watch together.

You can find out how to grab this good deal on TGV Cinema Family Screening for this movie on this weekend. Click on the link to find out.


  1. your photo was so cutely edited!!! Your son is very adorable.

    1. thanks, he's so happy get to watch the movie.

  2. I saw the trailer for this movie and looks like a nice movie, i would like to watch the movie too, how did you won the movie tickets Sherry?? :D

  3. Haven't watch this yet but my son likes to watch this. hopefully I can find a good CD.


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