Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Journey to the KLCC by LRT

Let met just get start that the Christmas giveaway has started and you can visit the link for more detail. It is alone journey for me to go KLCC, it was fun and exciting adventurous too. I bought a Gardenia bread at the newstand at LRT station of Taman Jaya. The cost of one way from Taman Jaya by LRT to KLCC at RM2.10 it is same price for coming back too.

I didn't have lunch at KLCC as my friend Carol was at Berjaya Times Square for training and I ate my sneakers that I kept in my sling bag. I have a bottle of drinking water from home that I have tag along in my bag. I have small umbrella in hand for sun out, even though it does not have UV layer.

Back to Amcorp Mall around 2 something and I try to find my sis's friend's shop but it wasn't available. I guess her shop must have closed down. She is no longer there and I don't see the shop anymore. I haven't been to Amcorp Mall for many years. I saw flea stalls at entrance of Amcorp Mall.

The beads shoes that I purchased from Nichii was there, guess what the price wasn't the same anymore. It is RM79 for the sandals beads shoes so expensive, I can find cheaper price at other places.

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