Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movie review: Life of Pi

Yesterday afternoon I bring my son to watch the movie Life of Pi, it is an interesting movie about an Indian boy named Piscine Molitor "Pi". They are many talking in the movie so some pepole may find it boring but if you listen of their conversation you'll know it is not a boring movie. The movie talks about religions of Pi followed.

Pi followed his parents and sibling on the ship among other animals. Pi's parents and his eldest brother drown in the ship wreck, it is sad he's the only survivor in the sea with other animal hyena, zebra, orang utan, and a tiger. Hyena in the boat first killed zebra, then attacked orang utan, and it tried to kill Pi but lucky tiger named Richard Parker killed the hyena.

Pi called the orang utan orange juice, umm... maybe it is because the colour of orang utan looks orange? One day Pi and tiger in the boat reached an island one day, they find food on it but they discover it is not safe to live on the island. Pi found a human tooth in a fruit in the night when he pluck the fruit and opened it, in the day the island is safe for stay but night it turned the water into acid to kill the fishes.

In the end of movie Pi and the tiger survived when their boat reach a beach. It is hard to explain, what I can say it is amazing movie you have to see the movie yourself.


  1. Sounds like an interesting movie to watch!

    1. yes your son will find it interesting and ask you many questions. :D

  2. i like to watch because its interesting movie and its has interest & can communicate with animal.. its sound intersting.. i want to watch because the trailer were so excited and make me curious the end of the movie.. i would like to watch with my sis(if she on holiday) or with my close friend :)

    hope i will win this ticket..

    1. please check out to complete the steps. :D

      good luck.


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