Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grandma rest in peace...

On Friday night while we are outside, i was at the durian stall to purchase some durian. I received a call from cousin it was 8 something at night. She told me that grandma admitted to hospital UKM she found out only in the afternoon. I was shock to hear that the last tine i visited her in old folk home, she is like so hungry and try to chew down the lemon biscuits that i gave her. She is toothless, she has diabetes and she is blind for many years.

On Saturday morning my cousin called me to inform that grandma is finally home in uncle house. I wasnt able to go visit because niece was here to go midvalley and we go along the education fair there. My dear told me he not well in midvalley that he started shit blood in morning at home but only let me know in afternoon at midvalley.

Today morning follow my dear to see panel doctor to get admission letter to hospital. Tonight he spend night in hdu with other patients. Most of them are old patient, my dear the youngest in hdu.

In the evening i check sms i received 5 something my cousin sms me that grandma passed away. Two aunts decided to overnight do prayer for grandma. I am sure my mom will be very sad, she does not know of her passed away. My parents, bro and his family saw grandma yesterday evening.

This morning my cousin visit her in uncle house and she opened her eyes. For many years her eyes are shut, only today she open eyes to see loved ones when they call her.

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