Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last respect to Grandma

I would like to thanks my dad for getting me to see grandma to pay my last respect to her. My dad fetches me from home and then we go get my mom from nursing home. She's happy that dad's here to get her, she asked why no come earlier another day to get her. My dad says that she needs to get her teeth fixed so only yesterday is suitable to take her.

I manage to do payers with my relatives there, good to see sixth uncle and his wife reach uncle's house in the evening. There is bad news to share one of my aunt's houses was robbed in the day and she was in uncle house the time for grandma's prayers, etc. One of her staff injured and wanted to go clinics but relative's house robbed. It is sad the robbers find this time to rob her house knowing there's nobody home during that time.

I am not sure if my bro able to attend the prayers at night because I reached home nearly 7 something in evening and my dad need to go back Cheras. It is bad traffic jam at federal highway for both sides!

Today the funeral service at 2pm, I wasn't able to attend. My sis too unable to attend but she does prayer at the temple.


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