Monday, December 10, 2012

LRT@Taman Jaya, Amcorp Mall to Pasar Seni

Last Friday, we have fun taking the LRT to Pasar Seni. It was Friday and my dear took a day off. My baby and sister-in-law stayed at home. Just three of us going it was morning and dear decided to park at open car park of Amcorp Mall. I tell you it is very expensive parking there but hey next open car park is charging RM3 per hour. For Outdoor Amcorp Mall open parking is RM5 for two hours and subsequet hour RM4. Yeah we didn't know it is so expensive until we see the fee at the entrance of collect parking ticket.

We left the car there for five hours and it cost RM13, you can do the calculation. LRT is faster than driving imagine the jam if by car! Next time I want to try parking inside of Amcorp Mall instead of the outdoor parking lot.

Have anyone of you take LRT from Taman Jaya to KLCC?

We had lunch at Central Market there is food court upstair and walked over to Petaling Street not far away. :D It was raining then and we stucked there so we just walk up and down the street but not all of it.

By the way the Central Market restroom is chargeable, one entry is 50 cents! I like the wooden designed of the doors and locks so cute. It was a short trip for us but it feels like a long trip because took the long walk instead of short. LOL

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