Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie review: Skyfall

Last night it was heavy rain but it didn't stop us from going out to catch a movie. My dear invited me for premier screening of Skyfall. This movie is suitable for children above 13 years old however need guardian to accompany to watch it.

Skyfall is the twenty third spy film in the James Bond series. Who doesn't like James Bond? This movie about MI6 trying to save M, but first M was missing because he was shot during the chase. He has got two shots one from the bad guy another from Eve. Everyone thought he was dead, he fall into the water while gets shot on top of the train fighting with the bad guy. He survives the gun shot and living in an island with a sexy woman! He's back to help M onces he knows that she's in danger. James Bond needs to pass the test before he can get back in the team of MI6.

M in danger because her past is back to haunt her! Yeah one of her best agents is back but he's back to kill her because she left him. M told MI6 that she made a decision where she can get her six agents back safely but in order to do that she needs to surrender her best agent because they wanted him. Raoul Silva a former MI6 agent working under M, he's the one wants to kill M for revenge, he hates her so much because she left him to die. I am sure you like to find out how Silva escapes even though they manage to capture him.

I can tell you that from beginning of movie until the end of movie it is very exciting to watch.

This filml is rated P13.

I watch the movie at Hall 8, they are no two seats for left and right so you only see the middle seating in this hall.

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  1. SKYFALL--- IF bond means fun,charm,,beautiful girl,big sets,ocean chase,signature tune of 007 then this is not bond movie.all above things are missing,this is just one time watch non bond movie.good thing ---visuals of shanghai city amazing,technology nice,and young Q,realistic fire scenes,Acting daniel greg never liked this guy,judi dench as usual good,ben wishaw as Q wonderful,naomi harris good she reminds me michael jackson,xavier bardem,B?r?nice Marlohe she is heroine of movie only visible for ten minutes,so conclusion first half is slow and bore and second half better than first half,one time may be watched if you have time and money to waste


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