Friday, October 19, 2012

Guess & Win Contest

This is another giveaway here at My Mom's Best, yeah my fridge has been sent to repair this morning. There's no more cold at the upper compartment of the fridge. So this giveaway is simple you just need to guess how much will the repair of the freezer fridge. I will know the exact amount when they called me to inform how much I need pay for the repair.

The fridge move out of the house this morning so it would take them three days to repair and test before return it to me. My fridge is more than ten years of usage, there was time fridge taken away for repair before but it was the down compartment of fridge.

This giveaway ends on Friday 19 October 2012, 12 midnight. Lucky blogger who guess it correctly or with the closer amount of money I need use to repair fridge gets the Mystery Prize.

To take part this giveaway you need to be GFC follower of my blog. You can guess many times but one time comment with one guess only! This giveaway open to my follower with address in Malaysia so I can mail the Prize. :D

Now have fun in my Guess & Win contest! Good luck.

In the mean time, I still looking for the winner of My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway to email me the detail.


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