Monday, October 15, 2012

Car windscreen broken when back from work

Yesterday evening going for a walk in playground, I saw a car with driver seat side window broken. This is shocking nobody saw who did it or how it happen. So everyone is guessing maybe is broken by the stone as cutters are they to cut grass and stone flew and hit the windscreen. Anyway it is a big hole, one neighbour walk closer to have a look.

The car parked the playground as didn't want to pay any parking ticket at the nearby office or shopping mall. The car is not tinted with protective film, it is Proton Waja. The man came back from work saw his car damage, he started smoking and open the boot to check. He didn't bother to ask anyone at playground about what happen to his car.

We have not seen him around before, it is first time I saw Proton Waja grey colour parked at playground. I am not sure how much he will need to pay to get it fix, this is why you need buy insurance for your car windscreen! No kidding, once my dear's car got damaged the big screen it cost nearly RM900 or more.

Have your bought insurance to cover your car windscreen?

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