Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last day@FOS warehouse sales

I say we are lucky to go Carrefour yesterday and spotted the FOS warehouse sales, you know I find this FOS with affordable prices for me to shop. Above you see picture of me in two pieces top I purchased, each RM7 only. This time my haul I have got white top with the sexy lace inner and purple top!

I didn't grab the flowery skirt you see in the picture, it cost RM7 only the material is comfortable. I find that they didn't put all clothes in the tray display. It would be better they put them all at the display trays so everybody can just shop for their clothes.

I saw the plus size clothes there and too big for me! My sister-in-law purchased four pieces her total haul RM27. She bought the white cardigan, she is plus size too. She found a pair long pants which is for plus size but the size is very big not suitable for her. Some ladies found themselves the black dress suitable for wedding dinner wear.

I almost bought a pair of jeans which had peacock design near the right pocket area. My dear saw the jeans he says it is low cut jeans not suitable for me.

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