Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extension of Guess & Win

Good afternoon folks, I am here to inform you that the Guess & Win is Back will be extension a week. So the you can still take part in the guess and win, you can comment on guess more than one time just need one guess in one comment. But first you will need to blog of the Guess & Win. The Guess & Win will ends on next Friday 2nd of November at 12 midnight. Now you can start put on your thinking cap on in Guess & Win.

Going through my photos and found one that I like, the Captain America Mickey Mouse. I am sure you remember the Mickey Mouse in Midvalley. Above picture of me taken by my friend, we are at the Tropicana City Mall on Wednesday night for movie. I wearing the Mickey Mouse blue blouse.

This is spooky-tacular Halloween of Tropicana City Mall, there is a huge pumpking in middle of the exhibition of cars. I no longer own the beads shoes that I loved, it gave up on me the other day. I wearing the cheap sandals I found in Carrefour. The sandals cost me RM15.90 usual price RM32.90, yeah you bet I love sales!

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