Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cute gals clothing

I went to the Summit USJ shopping mall the other day, I am so happy to see these wonderful clothes near the main entrance of shopping mall. I don't know if they are still having sales. I didn't purchase any clothing because I don't have enough money. I thought of buying the beautiful clothes for twins. I am not sure how big they are now even though they are ten months old. The babies are now 9.8kg while my baby boy is 10.8kg.

My sister-in-law almost purchase a sweather for mother-in-law but find out that the sizes are way to big. I like to go Summit USJ as I find the parking rate still affordable although they don't have Aeon or Parkson. It is still nice place to visit, they have Popular bookstore and a DIY shop next to it.

Look in the picture you can cute little clothing look like cheong sam for girls. I saw some clothing for boys but I don't find them cheap at all. I saw some nice sexy lingerie price as low as RM5 only!

I would say shopping for girls would be most difficult, they are so many fashion accessories for girls.

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