Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gained 50 or more likes in Facebook

Yeah it is not easy to gain so many like in Facebook, when comes to contest it would be even tougher. Recently I manage gained fifty plus likes in Facebook a contest I took part. In the end I received the voucher, but of course the voucher comes with terms and conditions. You need to dine in and spent minimum RM20 in order to use the voucher you won! That sound just not right, no decision on going the restaurant to try yet!

It is voucher of free LARGE RAMEN, frankly speaking I am no big fan of ramen. I seldom eat ramen, I cannot imagine myself eating whole bowl of ramen. I am slow eater when comes to ramen or noodles.

Would you go for it to use the voucher? I saw the expiry date end of this month. Everyone knows how crowded it would be during weekends at the mall. I dont have many friends that able share the meal with me to use the voucher. Too bad the voucher not transferable, if yes definitely give to my friend.

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